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Flattening the Curve for Customer Support Agents During the Pandemic

Published on April 24, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022
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The continuous spread of COVID-19 has upended the world. It disrupted workplaces and caused a disturbing uptick in the call volume of customer service centers. All of that in a time when we should be moving contact center agents to a safe, work-from-home environment. And that is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and lower its reach and impact on national health. Now companies have to reconsider how to leverage technology because they still need to continue customer support and at the same time have to deal with other several issues:

  • Handling employee’s anxiety and stress arising because of the unprecedented change 
  •  Quality leadership with the increasing number of calls
  • Tracking and sustaining employee productivity and performance
  • Delivering quality customer experience in a timely manner

Creating a new business model in a short period and making sure that it will be effective for all the business, managers, and employees, can be a bit challenging. And it raises a lot of concerns. 

“How do I manage my agent’s workflow if physical work locations are no longer viable?

How can I guarantee the same level of customer service support?

How do I maintain the workforce productivity when the contact center agents work from home?

Can I extend access to the necessary tools and secure networks for remote workers?”

Securing the right software tools like a telecalling app, an IVR solution, a cold call management software, or a calling monitoring system can enable consistent quality for their service, and care for their employees in times of crisis.

How can that be achieved?

  1. Adopt a new working model that would stand up the infrastructure, management systems, and processes required to support an effective contact center remote workforce.
  2. Improve contact center data management system to guarantee a highly responsive, agile, and relevant communication process, when addressing customer expectations.
  3. Look after your employees by communicating, collaborating, and checking up on a daily basis to give them feedback and care for the team’s mindset.
  4. Use your workforce differently and make some changes to your operating models to proactively and reactively support the customer needs. For example, create a shift-based schedule to utilize the contact center agent for both inbound and outbound communication
  5. Lean on analytics to form an agile methodology of  workforce planning, update the IVR menus, send bulk SMS, and use callback assist.


NeoDove was recently introduced to the SaaS family of agile communication and leads management software. The platform brings your contact center operations online on a live dashboard and offers full control over the contact center agent’s operations. The AI-supported software empowers your team with up-to-date and relevant information in real-time with robust conversational coverage. Lets tab into what NeoDove features include:

  • The platform offers a mobile telecalling app system for outbound communication, allowing faster prospect and customer reach. This reduces the contact center agent’s dialing and response time and increases efficiency.
  • It provides the telecaller agents with complete insight into the customer journey, as the platform includes a call monitoring system that records relevant data/information about prospects throughout the communication process. And agents can access this data in real-time when in contact with the prospect, which adds more value to the conversation.
  • It tracks and measures the performance of your telecaller team through the in-built user report feature. You can monitor how many calls each contact center agent conducts, how many leads they close, and how much they spent during each call.
  • You can download files related to leads status instantly and keep track of the approved, assigned, and rejected leads and also of those which haven’t been approached yet.
  • The platform integrates with various social media channels and listing platforms.
  • Managers have more control over the workflow distribution, where managers can prioritize and assign leads based on agent availability and skills.
  • For effective re-engagement, you can automate call-backs for follow-up, based on the date and time set by both the agent and the prospect.
  • You can send timely SMS notifications in a completely agentless mode.
  • The in-built IVR solution allows the simple questions to be answered through automation and only a smaller number of remaining calls require contact center agent involvement.

NeoDove is both a mobile app and web-based, which offers 24/7 remote access from any location. And it can be tailored to meet your operation’s needs.

Incorporating new technology or digital automaton is not new to most of the customer support centers. The industry has embraced and relied on technology to increase work accuracy, velocity, and volume for a long time now. The difficulty is that businesses have to be more agile and inculcate creative management principles to make their  remote working efficient and effective. And here, finding the right technology can help in filling the gap.

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