Being one of the most competitive industries in modern times, the success and failure of an entity are highly dependant on the speed and responsiveness of the communication. If you want your customers to remember you, then you will have to keep communicating with them about the services that you offer.  Lend your communication efforts a new edge with NeoDove’s intuitive features.

Achieve the success you deserve

NeoDove enables a seamless communication with your customers irrespective of whether you are a Bank, Online Lending Company, Non-Banking Financial Corporation, App-based lending company, or financial consultancy services provider, we cover it all.

NeoDove lets you manage your client communication requirements in an efficient manner with its latest and innovative features. Gain an edge over your competitors with our superior features and take your company to greater heights of success.

Have a seamless communication

Financial services hold significant importance for customers as they are related to their financial well-being. NeoDove lets you ensure cohesiveness in your client communication to unlock the secret to success.

Seamless communication
All leads in one place

Get consolidated leads

Having multiple channels of lead generations is essential but managing those leads is always a challenge for a financial institution. NeoDove facilitates integration with tools like Just Dial, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Sheet  to help you get all your leads in one place.

Flexibility to work

Whether you are headed for a client meeting or making a pitch to an investor, you must have real-time access to the information for a better impact. NeoDove enables you to access the data from anywhere through our intuitive mobile app in a seamless manner.

Work flexibility
Reach more customers

Track customer journey

It does not matter if any team member has left the organisation; you can easily track the client journey through NeoDove. This makes delegation of duties and responsibilities to the new team member absolutely easy.  Most importantly, your data remains secure in the system to enable you to provide seamless customer experience.

Cross-selling and upselling

The customizable script option allows you to create your script layout multiple times to help you for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with your clients. This functionality lets you create more leads and close more sales with minimal efforts in a quick time.

Cross selling
Customized service

Offer Customised service

Right from the app, you can send SMS, WhatsApp message, call and follow up with your prospect and offer them customised advice about their financial needs.

Reminder Call Made Easy

Need to remind them about the upcoming policy renewal date or EMI payments or any documentation reminders? Through the app you can automatically reschedule calls for follow ups and reminders.

Real-time Insights
AI insights

Advance AI insights

The AI helps you in smart database management , will help to remove the junk data automatically so that you can spend more time  on calling customers than removing junk. AI would also monitor the calls and alerts you for any deviation.

Talk in your own language

NeoDove has a multilingual interface to help your users select a language that they and your customers are comfortable with.

No language barriers

NeoDove brings together all the best call management features to deliver a superior customer interaction experience every time. In three words, NeoDove is Enriching TeleSales Experience.

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