Ever wanted to reach a new audience?

Wanted to inform people about your services and resources, but don’t know how?

Well then, Cold emailing may be just the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Cold emails allow you to effectively reach a broader audience and save on much valuable time and resources.

In this article, we will take a look at Edtech and the top cold email templates for Edtech services.


What is Edtech?

Educational Technology, i.e. Edtech is the combined use of hardware and software alongside educational theory to facilitate learning.

It is often the term used to describe industries that create educational technology. Additionally, it also refers to the use of IT tools in classrooms to create a more engaging and personalized learning experience.

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5 Cold Email Templates for Edtech

Templete 1 :

Provide Value to the Prospect via a Free Tool

This template highlights the tried and true principle of reciprocity. By providing your prospect with something valuable, this principle believes that they’ll return the favour.

As such, there is a conveniently placed CTA at the end of the email. This is so that the prospect can immediately take action as soon as they gain access to your free tool.


Hello [First Name],


I’m following up on a previous email with a free educational resource I’ll believe you’ll absolutely love.


It’s an X course-based analysis survey I created just for you. It’s designed to help you get to know about your students’ level of understanding regarding X. Furthermore, you will also be able to identify areas for improvement that may require greater focus.


Click here to access the survey. When we speak again, I’ll benchmark your responses against some other responses from top schools in Y city.


Here’s my calendar [click here] so that we may schedule a convenient time to discuss this further.


Have a happy weekend,


[Your Name]

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Templete 2:

Invite Your Prospect to Participate in Research

In this template, you ask your prospect to participate in some form of research or survey. If you happen to approach an influential person, you can also ask them for their opinion on the topic.

Remember that you should offer rewards to encourage more participation. These could include course credits or even access to exclusive resources. Your reward can really be anything that you feel your participant may value.


Hey [First Name],


Are you interested in participating in a quick survey on [Topic X]? It will not take longer than two minutes. You may also ask your fellow colleagues and friends to participate.


As soon as we reach 100 responses, our initial results will be exclusively shared with you.


After filling the survey [click here] to claim your [ Your Company Name] reward.




[Your Name]


Templete 3:

Complimenting Your Prospect

A simple compliment can go a long way. You can try this template when introducing yourself to your prospect. 

Moreover, you can even email your prospect saying that you appreciated some content they posted online.


Hello [First Name],


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on topic X. I have been following your videos, and have found that your institute provides great services.


I run [Your Business Description] in [city] and nearby areas, providing [ A, B and C] services to other institutes similar to yours. Other institutes have found them to be quite effective and I think [Your Company] would be a good fit for you.


If you’d like to take a look at the results, [click here]. Here is my calendar, feel free to schedule a meeting if you’d like to discuss this further: [link].




[Your Name]


Templete 4:

B2B Social Proof Technique

In this template, you introduce yourself as well as your company to your prospect. This template helps you stand out because of a strategic but also subtle name drop

This name drop lends social proof to you alongside the company you represent.


Hi [First Name],


I’d like to introduce myself as your resource person here at [Your Company Name]. I commonly work with Edtech businesses and saw that you have visited our website in the past.


This inspired me to visit [Prospect’s Company] to learn more about how you’re approaching Course X. I noticed there were a few areas of opportunity and decided to directly reach out to you.


[Your Company] works with similar organizations in the education industry, such as [B Institute Name]. We help them carry out [Y courses] and give them [Z resources] to help them succeed. 


Can you spare 15 minutes to go over [Prospect’s Company] this week?


If so, you can book a time on directly onto my calendar her: [Meeting link]


Looking forward to meeting you,


[Your Name]


Templete 5:

B2B Establishing Value Method

So, what do you have to offer your prospect? In this template, you cover the benefits they’ll receive if they were to work with you. With this template, you will be able to engage as well as effectively connect with them.


Hi [First Name],


I noticed you recently downloaded a whitepaper about A. I’ve worked with similar organizations in the Edtech industry and I thought I’d reach out to you. 


[Prospect’s Institute] looks like a great fit for [Your Company] and our services. Moreover, I’d love to understand what your goals are for this year.


We often help institutes such as yours with the following courses:

  • Course X/ result
  • Course Y/ result
  • Course Z/ result


If you’d like to learn more about how [Your Company] can help you accomplish your goals, do get in touch. Feel free to book a time on my calendar here: [Meeting Link]




[Your Name]

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As you can see, there are several different ways you can go about crafting cold emails in the field of Edtech. Remember to keep your emails brief yet meaningful.

By understanding what you need to include in your cold emails, you’ll be able to attract many new customers. Furthermore, you’ll be able to distinctly set your business apart from others and let