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8 Cold Email Templates to Boost B2B Sales

Published on April 16, 2022
Last modified on May 19, 2022
Email Templates for B2B Sales

B2B cold emailing can be a bit trying at times, yes?

Modern inboxes are quite a competitive and noisy place. Moreover, salespeople and marketers can make leads tough to reach.

However, despite the large volume of noise, cold emailing is still effective.

But how do you set yourself apart from your countless competitors in your lead’s inbox?

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the top B2B cold email templates guaranteed to boost sales.


Cold Email Templates for B2B Sales

In this template, you begin by introducing yourself and your company to your prospect. 

This template can help you stand out. With a strategic yet subtle name drop, it’ll lend social proof to you as well as your company.


Hello [First Name],


I’d like to introduce myself as your current resource here at [Your company name]. I work with businesses in [A, B or C] industry, and noticed that you have visited our website in the past.


This motivated me to spend some time on [Prospect’s company] site. This helped me learn more about how your company is approaching [X area – marketing, service,sales, etc.]. I actually noticed a few areas of opportunity and thought to reach out to you directly.


[Your company] is working with other similar companies in your industry like [X Company name]. We’re helping them accomplish [Y goals] alongside giving them the [Z tools/solutions] to succeed.


Do you have 15 minutes to spare to discuss [Prospect’s company] later this week?


If so, you can book a time directly onto my calendar. [Meeting’s Link]


Looking forward to meeting,

[Your Name]

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Example 2 – The “Relevant Question” Email

Asking a question can be a great way to deliver a cold email quickly.

However, generic questions aren’t very effective.

A question-based B2B email should be relevant and specific to your lead. When done correctly, it works by:

  • Implying that the message for the lead is low commitment and won’t be excessively time-consuming
  • Promising them an answer and successfully piquing their curiosity


Hi [First Name],


Do you want to know how you can easily [benefit of your product]?


I’m aware that you’re busy working regarding [end result that your product helps with], so I’ll keep it short.


I’m the lead [role at your own company]. And, I’ve got some suggestions that I think would generate immediate wins with [area your lead is working on]. Here’s what I had in mind:


  • [Tip 1]
  • [Tip 2]


Although, you might not currently have time to spare focusing on this… That’s where [your company] can help you out. 


Would you like to get on a quick 15-minute session next week? So that I can walk you through the tips and discuss this more?



[Your Name]


Example 3 – Finding the Company’s Decision-Maker

In this email, you clearly state the reason why you’re reaching out. In addition to this, you also include information about previous clients to show your credibility. 

The email is all wrapped up with a final call-to-action, which outlines the next steps to be taken.


Hi [First Name],


Just a quick question. Who handles [specific task] at [their company name]? They will want to look into this marketing tool soon. This tool could really help your team hit those KPIs in a few weeks. Alongside this, it will also be saving your business a lot of time and money.


I know you must be busy, so I won’t get into the details of how [product name] works right now. However, I would like to highlight the benefits that have been observed consistently with our clients:

  • Benefit A
  • Benefit B
  • Benefit C


Some of our top clients include X, Y and Z. I would like for [their company name] to join this list.


If you’re the person I need to speak with, what does your calendar look like this week? If not, who do you think would benefit most from this conversation?



[Your Name]


Example 4 – The “You’ve visited our site” Email

This is a rather simple cold email template for leads who have visited your website.

These individuals have already expressed interest in your services and given your company attention and their “warmth”. As such, their interest paired with this B2B email template highly increases chances of a response.


Hello [First Name],


You recently visited [your company website] and took [action taken by lead].


If you are interested in [content/product page visited], then I can recommend to you some additional resources:


  • [Resource 1]
  • [Resource 2]


In fact, our company also offers [product/service] that could further help you achieve [their specific desired result].


Are you available for a call at [date and time] to talk more about this?



[Your Name]

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Example 5 – The “Recent News” Email

This email template helps you break the ice alongside establishing first contact.

Here, you email your prospect about a recent piece of news, review or win they’ve had. Then, you let them know about who you are and why you decided to email them.


Hey [First Name],


Many congratulations on [prospect’s recent achievement].


Your amazing reviews on [site/insert link] really say a lot about your team. It’s clear that you’re going to have quite an impact on the [relevant market/industry] soon.


Just wanted to congratulate you, I look forward to hearing more good news about [Prospect’s company].


My name is [Your Name], I work at [Your company], and we here [one-pitch sentence]. If you ever need anything at all, just give us a ring.



[Your Name]


Example 6 – The AIDA Approach

Attention – Catch the lead’s attention.

Interest – Find a way to relate to their interests and keep them engaged.

Desire – Show them how they can benefit from what you’re offering to arouse desire.

Action – Ask them to click something, reply or make a purchase. The end goal is to receive a response.

AIDA is an old copywriting framework that still holds great relevance today.

It is able to powerfully distill the sales process. Moreover, it accurately describes the journey of securing one’s attention, all the way to get them to take action.

You may notice that almost every landing page, AD or cold email incorporates the AIDA framework.


Hi [First Name],


If you’re similar to most [lead’s role], you know how difficult it can be to deal with [problem your company solves].


Our [product/service] reduces stress and improves this by [1-sentence pitch]. Here’s what [past/current client] has said about us.


[customer testimonial about their issue]


Would you too like to have [the benefit of your product]? If yes, please reply to this with an email regarding the best time we can get on a call next week?



[Your Name]

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Example 7 – The “Sorry, I missed you” Email

A phone call alongside an email combo can give big results regarding moving a prospect through your pipeline. 

This email template acts as a brief and friendly follow up. It informs your prospects that you’re actively trying to get in touch with them. 

Moreover, it lets them know your emails aren’t being sent via an automated system. As such, this shows that you are taking into consideration the person on the receiving end.


Hi [First Name],


Sorry I missed you on the phone earlier today. I was actually calling because [ one sentence reason for your call or name of referral that introduced you].


In my voicemail, I had mentioned that I would call you back on [Date and Time]. Of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to me before then at [your phone number].


I really look forward to connecting with you soon.



[Your Name]


Example 8 – The Competitor Satisfaction Appeal

In this email, you have the chance to show leads why you’re better/different than your competitor.

Remember not to fall into the trap of bad mouthing competitors. Instead, combine a neutral tone with your USP to elaborate on why you might be a better fit.


Hello [First Name],


So, I was just browsing your site and noticed that you’re using [competitor’s product]. How has that been working out for you? I work for [Your company].


Our product [your product] is quite similar to [your competitor’s product]. However, our customers do report that we’re better with [key USP alongside differentiators]. 


We feel that [your product] might work better for [lead’s company.


I would love to get on a quick call with you to see if we can help make [lead’s company] even better.


Does [date and time] work for you?



[Your Name]



As you have seen, there are various templates you can use for writing effective cold emails. 

However, you can have the best B2B cold email templates, tight copies, magnetic subject lines and still suffer from bad closing rates without this one thing – Research.

Research shapes a large part of your lead generation activity. It lets you know which templates you should use, what subject lines draw clicks, etc.

Combine good research with the templates we’ve shared above. With this combination, you’ll find your B2B cold email campaigns become much easier and more successful.

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