Education Industry

Now you can attract prospective students, match students with the right courses and boost your enrollment rate with a new age seamless contact centre platform  like NeoDove. With NeoDove, enjoy superior communication with all your stakeholders in an effortless manner.

Enjoy the benefits of effective communication

Whether you are a school, coaching institute, or an EdTech company,you must know where your customers are and hand hold them in finding the right course . To do this ,having continuous seamless communication with the different stakeholders is extremely important. 

This is where NeoDove comes to your aid with its unique and intuitive communication management solutions. NeoDove helps in integration of the leads from different platforms and thus make it easier for you to find your prospects and  enjoy the benefits of ongoing and seamless communication with them  and take your business to greater heights.

Start driving meaningful and engaging conversation

The education industry is evolving at a rapid pace, making a hassle-free mode of communication extremely important. All stakeholders prefer ongoing communication regarding the latest innovations, updates, or changes in the services being offered, necessitating the need for the next-gen communication management platform.

Meaningful conversations
Script Builder

Ramp-up engagement

Whether it be parents or students themselves, they prefer ongoing communication that builds on the previous conversation. NeoDove allows you to readily access the past communication details to empower a more interactive communication experience.

Track progress in real-time

Outdated information is of no significance in the highly dynamic education industry. NeoDove provides you with real-time access to crucial information to deliver impactful communication every time without fail.

Work flexibility
Reminders for service

Better collaboration

NeoDove offers you the benefit of centralized communication management that ensures superior collaboration with different stakeholders. This ensures quicker completion of tasks in an effortless manner.


NeoDove offers the functionality of customizable script designing with Multi Lingual Interface to help you speak to your stakeholder in the language they are comfortable with.

Customer experience
Send information

Send information directly from Whatsapp

SMS might get missed, but WhatsApp messages never go unread! No telesales conversation can be complete without sharing a brochure or quotation. So, share it directly to their WhatsApp number without adding their name on the phonebook.

Flexible working

Now, enjoy an engaging conversation with the help of NeoDove’s mobile app, from anywhere and at any time. Whether you are working from home or are on the road, seamless communication holds the key for every entity.

Automatic Workflow
Cross selling

Boost your sales conversion

Research indicates follow-up and reminder can boost your conversion rate by 13%. NeoDove schedules your call automatically to ensure you’re always in touch with your customers

Automate the tasks

65% of the sales representative’s time is wasted on tasks which can be automated. NeoDove has integrations with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Just Dial and Google sheet to help you migrate all your leads from different platforms into one place without any manual intervention

Seamless Integrations

Combined with the power of AI and a dynamic interface, NeoDove empowers your educational institution to manage the communication with multiple stakeholders in a better way.

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