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The telecalling contest
Win cash rewards or vouchers worth 6000! 

What is Dial2Win?

Dial2Win is a telecalling contest held every alternate month to give telecallers a chance to win rewards worth ₹6000. To participate, all you have to do is keep calling using the NeoDove Mobile App!
Participants will be divided into four categories based on the number of calls they make during the first 15 days of the month the contest is being held. In the second half of the month, they ll need to outperform themselves by making more and more calls.

Attempt calls - that's all you have to do!

Winners of the
previous contest

Organisation Name NeoDove User Prize Money
Kaizen Honda Pankaja 1000
Sahu Land Developers Diksha Varma 1000
JSP Honda Swapna 1000
AKC Motors Shivani 1000
Mayankshree Automobiles Khushboo 500
Roger Motors Jay Trivedi 500
Rushabh Autocomponents Pooja 500

Make your way to the winners’ list!

Every alternate month, we organize the Dial2Win Contest to engage with our users, as well as to reward them for the best use of the NeoDove Mobile App!
The contest is really simple. There is no need to sign up or register separately. Every telecaller/CRE of all our clients is a part of this contest by default. All they have to do is do what they normally do – keep calling.

How does the
competition work?

Every month that this contest is held, that month is divided into two halves. The number of calls attempted in the second half is compared to that in the first half.
All a telecaller/CRE has to do is outperform themselves; make more calls in the second half of the month

How are the users

Our clients come from a wide array of industries, and each client’s call density is unique, so we divide users into four categories to make the contest fair for all.
Category No. of calls attempted
A 1500-00
B 500-1500
C 100-500
D 0-100

How are winners decided?

Based on their performance, a winner and a runner-up are selected from each category.

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