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What is a demo call and how to start it in the best way possible?

Published on March 16, 2022
Last modified on April 21, 2022
demo call

Have you ever liked a product but thought it would be great if you could just try it once to make sure it actually works for you?

Well, that’s how a demo works! Plus, you get additional information too. 

You like a product, you see the demo, if you think it’s for you, you buy it. 

This works for both product or services. In a demo, you get to see the product or service in action. 

Quick fact – More than 50% of prospects want to see how your product works on the first call

In this article, you’ll learn what is a demo call and how to start it in the best way possible.


What is a demo call?

A demo call is when a sales rep calls a prospect to present the features, capabilities, and value a product or service offers. The purpose of a demo call is to close a deal. 

It lays the groundwork for acquiring new customers. In a way, this call alone can make or break a deal. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the ins and outs of how to do a demo call right to close deals faster and effectively.


Why and when do you need to have a demo call with the prospect?

In simple terms, a sales agent does a demo call to close a deal. However, there’s so much more to it. Besides showing your prospect the features of your product or service, you’re also understanding their pain points and customizing the conversation according to their specific needs. This makes your prospect want to buy or at least be interested in the further conversation. And who knows might convert later to a paying customers. 

However, this becomes a real challenge. Especially when you don’t have enough knowledge about the product or service your business is selling. Therefore it is important to understand your product or service thoroughly before attempting a demo call. 

Additionally, you need to have a proper understanding of the lead status. Depending on where the lead is in the buyer’s journey, there are specific situations where you can schedule a demo call.

Micro conversation starter pack – Signs up for your newsletter, likes or comments on your social media, DMs for more information, enquires for the pricing details etc.

Sales team touchpoint – When a lead reaches out to one of the members of the sales team to inquire about the product or service.

Direct consultation – When a lead requests a direct consultation with the product or service expert through anyone in your organization. 


Best tips to follow before starting a demo call

Starting a demo call can be daunting for a lot of sales agents. Here are some tips you can follow to master every demo call you attempt. 

Understand your product or service like a pro

Knowing your product gives you the leverage over your competitors who are trying to sell to the same people. It also makes perfect sense. You can’t sell a product or service without knowing anything about it. 

You need to answer questions that the prospect may have regarding your product or service and should be more than ready to clear all of their doubts. 

Research about your prospect

Before hopping into the demo call, make sure you know about your prospect’s interest, business challenges, which area to focus, the strong point, the weakness, and everything you can gather about them. 

This allows you to tailor your call according to their needs and what they have in mind. It is a crucial part of of any demo call, so make it worth your while, 

Plan you demo beforehand to avoid confusion

You can plan your demo in several ways. Usually demo calls are not only restricted to phone calls so you can prepare a presentation and share your screen while you present your demo. Or you can make something engaging using designing tools to grab your prospect’s attention. 

Try to make the call more interactive rather than just a boring demo. Make sure to include Q/A session so that your prospect has the opportunity to ask relevant questions. 

Don’t be a sales zombie

People crave for attention and sales zombies are the worst type of salespeople.

Phares like – “Hi, I am Raghav, nice to meet you, let’s start with the demo” kills your chance to grab anyone’s attention to say the least. 

Now, this is where your prospect research comes to action. Start with something funny or uplifting to grab their attention. They shouldn’t restrict themselves to ask questions. 

Start something like – “Hey Gaurav, Raghav this side. Lovely meeting you. I was actually going through that LinkedIn poll you shared recently and the results were hilarious.” 

Wait for their reaction and gradually continue the conversation and take it towards the presentation. Throw in some humour in between to keep the conversation light and meaningful.

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Master your demo call with the help of NeoDove

Like we all want a  happy ending in a movie, your demo call should also end on a good note. This is the stage where you know if the prospect is going to make a purchase or not. After answering all the questions, presenting all the benefits according to their needs you need to be patient. 

Sounds lame but happens more than often that a demo call went really good but as the sales agent was restless for an answer the prospect has a urge to say no, even if they like the product or service. Don’t force them into making a purchase. Give them their sweet little time.

Create your perfect demo call with NeoDove telecalling CRM that gives you the leverage to call your prospects directly without saving their contact, lets you manage leads, atomate the sales process and provides you with a plethora of features to master your demo calls. 

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