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Data management in Automobile dealerships

Published on October 31, 2020
Last modified on March 4, 2022
Managing data effectively in automobile dealership

Automobile dealers have huge databases about customers. But, they do not use it effectively for their business profit. If the data is consolidated and analyzed properly, the dealers can build not only their sales pipeline but also their brand through effective marketing and sales campaigns. 

When you have customer data, you can contact them with new deals and exciting offers. Hence, managing data can help you in maintaining existing customers and also in acquiring new ones. Here are different ways in which you can use your customer data effective in an automobile dealership:

Simplifying the Process of Data Collection and Management

When you have your customer data with you, the foremost step is to establish clear objectives on what you want to achieve from the data. This will help in analyzing the data and using it for your marketing purpose.

Then, you can develop a strategy to predict the market and develop campaigns. As and when data is utilized, the team can also do a cleanup process to remove the unnecessary data from the system. 

Since, you see there are various measures involved in data collection, analyses, and management, a single tool may not work. Hence, use a couple of tools to utilize the data in hand effectively. Marketing automation tools can make it easier for an automobile agency to collect the data and analyze it. 

Tools which helps in Managing Data

There is no doubt that as an automobile dealer, you have chunks of data and different ideas to produce sales from that data. But, the challenge is to sort and arrange that data so that it can be effectively utilized.

  1. CRM Tools: Customer Relationship Tools, referred to as CRM helps in effectively managing data which empowers your marketing and sales team to perform adequately. Through CRM, you can analyze a customer’s history with your automobile agency and thus improve your business relations with them. It ties all the information together and integrates in such a way that it brings business success.
  • Zoho: This CRM tool is a sales focussed lead generation tool. It is an effective B2B tool which also exists in form of a mobile app
  • Hubspot: Get maximum sales efficiency from this CRM tool where you can develop sales templates, track emails and also make sales calls.
  • Salesforce: It helps in analyzing the data, finding the answers, and making market predictions. Through its lead management, forecasting tools, you can generate sales faster

The best part of CRM is you can integrate your sales, marketing, and as well as customer success team to it to get all interactions with the customer in one place. However, for small businesses and SME CRM can be overwhelming, complex, and expensive to implement. However, there are many lead management tools like Leadsqaured which has simpler features to help you manage your business.

           2. Google Sheets and Forms: Efficiently create online forms or store data in Google sheet through your Gmail account. You can capture as much data as you want in form of a spreadsheet for free

         3. ProProfs Survey Marker: Sales funnel can be optimized and efficiently utilized fully with Proprofs. Develop a pop up to collect the information of the visitor on your sales funnel such as contact information, name, feedback, etc. Through this tool, you can also keep a hold on the bounce rate of the website. 

      4. NeoDove: NeoDove provides an end-to-end solution for integrating data from customer surveys, Facebook ads, google ads, and any other industry portal. It is an AI-enabled platform which can be used for tracking leads, following up, connecting with customers. This user-friendly platform is an efficient web and mobile tool

Essential Data Management Tips

Every organization, be it small or big, has data that is crucial for business. Hence, it is important, you manage your data efficiently. Here are some tips which can help you in maintaining secured data:

  1. Make sure that your data is compliant with the regulatory firm. Learn all that you must be regarding data privacy and compliance. 
  2. Prioritize data security and make it encrypted so that there is no risk of cyber threats. Use firewall, two-factor authentication, antivirus software for securing the data
  3. Always backup your data every week. This helps in safeguarding the data loss. You can choose to back up data to a flash drive or cloud. 
  4. Even after all the security in place, there are chances that data can be lost. So, have a data recovery strategy in place with a stipulated time
  5. Provide effective training to your team about data management. This helps in standardizing the process of using data and ensuring that the team is careful while accessing the data
  6. Regularly maintain your data every few weeks. This can involve cleaning up, the second check of data backup, and a
  7. recovery plan. It helps in avoiding excess data from being collected and not being put to use. 

Using the Managed Data for Automobile Dealership

  1. Customer satisfaction survey: Once you have the data of the customer who has bought cars from your agency, ask your customer care executive to conduct a survey. Before that first, segment your customers based on a new car or used car purchase, business, or service professional. Through this survey, you can create a customer satisfaction index which helps in monitoring the performance of your agency
  2. Research for Marketing Campaign: Through the customer database, your marketing team can conduct deep research to get insights on conducting marketing campaigns. For example, you can find out which car is in high demand amongst your customers. Then, you can build marketing campaigns around the same brand.
  3. Predicting Market: Having consolidated customer data will give you a clear view of the customer requirement and the right time to connect with them. For example, you may have a list of customers who visited the showroom to check out the cars. They have plans to buy the car during Diwali or any other festive season. Hence, you can build a marketing campaign around the festive season and connect with these customers. 
  4. To find customers who might require your service: By scraping the data, you will come across a plethora of customers whose car service is pending. You can also find those customers whose car insurance is expiring. You can connect with them to your advantage.
  5. Use data to close the deals: Once you have recorded the data of the customer, you can reach them with great deals and offers. With your eye on marketing trends, you can create flexible conditions and offers to reach the customers. These offers can lure your customer to buy new vehicles.

As an automobile agency, you can take a target of connecting to at least 25 new customers from your database. It takes effort to analyze and consolidate data but the efforts are going to be fruitful. With NeoDove, your team can be effective while connecting with the prospects through a customized script builder, lead management system, integrations , progressive dialer, and many more.

You can also integrate all the details of the leads coming through ads automatically and get connected to them.

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