Are you new to being an insurance agent?

Or do you want to increase your sales conversions?

Does your business largely rely on sending sales emails?

If your answer to these questions or questions similar to them is a resounding yes, then you need to learn a few tips that can help you convert better. For this article, we will take a look at some of the best cold email templates for insurance sales

You will also get an insight into cold leads and the 3 main aspects to keep in mind when crafting emails.



What are Cold Insurance Leads?

A cold lead refers to someone who isn’t already planning to buy insurance from you. This could be due to multiple reasons. Maybe their insurance needs have been met by someone else, maybe they hadn’t heard of your company, etc.

Remember that just because a person is currently a cold lead, it doesn’t mean that they’ll forever remain one. And with the right tools and strategy, you can convince individuals to purchase insurance from you.


The 3 Main Aspects of Insurance Emails

For insurance agents, sales emails should not focus on direct selling. Rather, it’s all about forming a connection with potential clients and leads.

Creating and establishing a stronger relationship can be the key to win in insurance email campaigns.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry tends to have a negative reputation due to the sneaky practices of some agents. Thus, as a legitimate company, you must find new ways of reaching out and gaining public trust.


Here are 3 aspects you should keep in mind when customizing your insurance sales email template:


In between policyholders and your company, it is very important that you get rid of the communication barrier. 

You should ensure that you always send out timely information to announce all future events. This is mainly done via cold calls or email.


If you wish to connect better with policyholders, you should use list segmentation. 

It is capable of breaking down every individual into smaller groups based on location, gender, age, etc. Remember to always add the policyholder’s name at the beginning of the email.

Measuring the results

Monitoring how your emails perform is the best. When you compare your own against a benchmark, you can figure out how your emails are performing.

Moreover, this method has proven to generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

Now you know what main criteria you should keep in mind when crafting your cold emails for insurance sales. 

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the most effective cold email templates for insurance sales.

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Top 5 Cold Email Templates for Insurance Sales

With the use of these, we believe you will be able to improve your success rates in no time at all.

Invoking interest via a referral

Here, you reference a mutual contact in the beginning of the email to build a connection. You also support how trustworthy your product is by mentioning successful results with similar companies.


Dear Jack,


Through our mutual interest [mutual acquaintance name], I happened to notice that you’re opening a new business. 


If you’re searching for a reliable business insurance, [your company] is definitely the right fit. We’ve worked with companies similar to yours and had quite remarkable results.


I would be delighted to walk you through the details regarding the business insurance plan we offer. You don’t need to worry about any obligations on your part, I’ll be sure to bring the coffee.




[Your Name]

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Prospecting introduction

As an insurance agent, it is highly important that you introduce yourself, and do it well. If you are new in this field, you can make use of the following template.


Hi Jack,


I happened to learn that you are a health care expert.


My name is [Your Name] and I work as a [job role] at [Your company]. Our company is well known for having one of the best insurance policies available thus far, including:


  • Health Insurance for your Employees
  • Insurance for Business Travel
  • Dental plans and more…


I’d appreciate it if you would be so kind as to spare some time for a meeting. Then, I would more than happily go over all the details with you!


Best Regards,


[Your Name]


The ‘benefits of insurance’ email

When it comes to selling insurance, it’s highly important that you highlight benefits over features to your potential clients.


Basically, you should emphasize what your prospects have to gain instead of features they may not care about. 


For instance, take a pet insurance plan offer. In the below template, you can turn this into an opportunity for referral, in case your recipient does not own a pet.


Dear [First Name],


Every [x] seconds, a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of [bill amount] or sometimes more.


[Your product] is a pet insurance plan to get vet bills reimbursed upto 80%.


It covers [X, Y, and Z issues and problems]


[insert referral program]


If you have any more queries, you can always reach out to me at [your email] or [your number].




[Your Name]


Presenting a problem and offering a solution

This template is another way of introducing yourself to your client.


Here, you first present an observed issue/problem. Then, you talk about how your company can provide a solution.


Hey Jack,


I’m writing to you as I believe we have an insurance solution for your organization.


Recent figures have shown that the average healthcare cost for a family has increased by [insert amount] in [duration of time]. 


Do you feel that it’s possible to control these costs?


We can help you out! Our health insurance policy covers A and B, all at no additional expense.


If you have any more questions, do get in touch with me at [your contact number].


Let us schedule a one-on-one meeting at a later date so we can discuss this further.




[Your Name]


The employee advocate angle

It is a fact that employees need insurance. This is especially true for those who work in fast-growing firms. Here, this template can come in handy.


Hi Jack,


My name is [Your Name]. I work as a [job role] at [Your Company Name].


Here at [Your company name], we help companies gain access to health insurance for their employees.


Our clients tend to be mostly software as a service (SAAS) businesses. 


However, typically we do see a trend in our clients. Our customers tend to either be too big to go without any coverage or not big enough to qualify for group rates.


You can read more about us and what we do here: [insert link to site]


If possible, I would love to go over your exact needs on [date and time]. Please let me know if this time is not convenient for you.




[Your Name]



Overall, when you wish to initiate or close deals with cold leads, a well-written email can play a valuable role. 

A well written cold email can convince previously hesitant clients to buy your company’s insurance. And in some cases, even lead to them recommending you to others in their circle.

Remember to keep the above templates in mind and try to experiment with catchy subject lines. 

With the help of our cold email templates for insurance sales, you will be able to build better relationships in no time.