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Effective Real Estate Cold Calling Script

Published on March 5, 2022
Last modified on July 28, 2022
real estate cold calling script

“Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it.”

– Barbara Corcoran

Those eight seconds, however, don’t come easily. The agent must first get the potential buyer to the property.

That’s where cold calling can help.

If you’re an experienced agent, cold calling may not be as much of a hassle for you. But what about when it comes to newbies?

The purpose of this article is to provide both seasoned agents and beginners with some useful real estate cold calling scripts. Not only will these help you get better results, but you will also be saving yourself the time of having to think about what you are going to say.

real estate cold calling scripts


Is cold calling effective in the real estate industry?

Cold calling, a common fear, and anxiety of all those who have yet to climb the real estate ladder is one of the most important and often overlooked, fundamentals of being a realtor.

Real estate agents, even today, leverage this method for several reasons. The first use it as an asset for finding new clients among their target audience. It’s also one of their primary methods for building relationships with buyers and sellers across different regions or neighborhoods. 

Though not always easy or comfortable, cold calling is key to creating long-lasting customer relationships with prospective clients!

Let’s take a quick look at what cold calling in the real estate market requires.

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Cold calling in the real estate market: How to do it effectively?

In order to cold call effectively and make a lasting impact, realtors must consider several factors. They should choose the right time and target audience for their cold calls, be able to understand a person’s motives, connect with them emotionally and convince them to open up about their needs. 

real estate cold calling

Once they’ve developed a relationship, they can start building trust with the customer by keeping in touch with them regularly.

Now, on a more granular level, it is important for every real estate agent to be familiar with these three sales approaches:

  • Excellent research
  • Effortless communication
  • Effective cold calling script

When it comes to cold calling, it’s not so much about what you say, but about how you say it. Your positioning during a cold call should reflect your core traits and the attitude buyers desire in a real estate agent.

Behaving in the manner of a confident individual, making preparations that demonstrate to the prospect how competent you are, and showing both patience and enthusiasm in getting the property sold.

But what’s most important before you pitch? Your cold calling script, precisely!

Finally, to the purpose of the article, here are some effective cold calling scripts for real estate agents that will help them sell properties!


Real estate cold calling scripts: Why are they important?

If there is one special sauce that enhances the quality of your cold call, it is a script. A script or pre-planned phone conversation helps you establish a connection with your prospects. It asks questions about buying interest, clears out concerns, and confirms availability for follow-ups. 

A personalized script acts as a guide to your conversation, although it can sometimes be tough because people are short on time and patience. But with the right preparations and a handful of qualified leads, you can have fun selling properties.

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Before jumping on to the real estate cold calling script, here are a few things to remember:

  • Define the outcome you would like. For example, an appointment
  • Set a daily target, to ensure that you connect to enough prospects each week
  • Maintain a positive attitude regardless of the prospect’s mood
  • Show empathy to your clients
  • Understand the prospect’s needs or goals
  • Be prepared to answer their objections and provide solutions
  • Knowing the prospect’s interests will help you write a script that is persuasive


Effective Cold Calling Script for Real Estate Agents

1. The Greeting

Communicate politely from the beginning of your script. Use your prospect’s first name, keep it short and to the point. Establishing a good rapport and earning respect sets you up for long-term success.

“Hello. Good morning, is this Atul?”


“It’s great to finally reach you! Is this a good time to talk?”


2. The Introduction

Give some time for the client to respond because they might be busy with something and showing this courtesy sets a good direction for the conversation. Now, the prospect will either agree or object. Regardless of what they say, your answer should be:

“My name is Aakash and I’m a real estate expert for Project X”

And in case you face an objection, always lead with empathy:

“If you are busy, I completely understand and I can call back later”

 “Yes, I can totally feel your frustration but if you are low on time, I’ll just get to the point, John”

But if they have no objection, proceed with the pitch.


3. The Pitch

Your pitch needs to be convincing and it should generate curiosity. It should be transparent, revealing your motive for the call and it should provide a solution.

“I have noticed that you are interested in buying a house in Project X. And I happened to have helped more than X people find one in that area. The project offers an exquisite residential and commercial gated community. It is the best for both urban and suburban living. The project has utilized the land space intelligently to deliver a high-end living experience and a diverse range of facilities and services.

Would you be interested in visiting the site, or perhaps meeting up to discuss your buying needs?”


“Would you be open to meeting up tomorrow?”


4. Objection Handling

The prospect is interested if he starts asking questions after the pitch. But if you start receiving objections and the prospect starts making excuses for an exit, you should still respond to the objection, and to do that properly – show empathy for their experience and provide solutions.

It is important to focus on helping them get what they want instead of focusing on how to persuade them to set an appointment.


5.  The Closure

When ending the call, make sure you provide your prospect with clear instructions on what is supposed to happen next. Be decisive and have an appointment time in mind before even making the call. And once you have the confirmation from the prospect, give them your positive reaffirmation.

“That’s great, Atul! If it’s possible, we can meet tomorrow morning at 10 am. I’ll send you a confirmation SMS if that works for you?”

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Finally, you have done the work on how the discussion would have gone with prospects, by writing and memorizing your scripts. Like this, you will find it easier to drive the conversation and positively affect the outcomes of your calls. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely on cold calling scripts alone to have a productive conversation with prospects, you are only using it to make the prospect aware of what you have got to sell and to keep the conversation on point.

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