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Call Masking: The Solution for Customer Privacy

Published on March 15, 2022
Last modified on March 31, 2022
call masking

Do you value your privacy? 

Do you feel the same way about your customer’s privacy?

If you said yes, then your business truly ought to consider acquainting themselves with a handy little telephone feature called call masking.

In this article, you will learn all about what call masking is and how it can benefit your company and customers.


So, what is call masking?

Call masking is a telephone feature that lets you display a designated phone number when placing outbound calls. With this feature, callers will only be able to see that pre-set caller ID and not your extension or actual phone number.

Consequently, your team can use their primary phone numbers or even a local virtual number to run targeted calling campaigns across regions.

Businesses use call masking to ensure both the privacy of their customers as well as their agents.


Why should your business use a call masking feature?

The use of a masked number is an easy and safe way to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal numbers. As identities of both parties, particularly your customers, this prevents the misuse of their personal information.

In fact, this method of number masking is mainly used by businesses involved in short-lived communications amongst customers and vendors.

This prevents any unsupervised conversation from occurring after service has ended.

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Call Masking Terms you should know

Here are some terms you should be familiar with related to call masking:

Phone Number

In this context, a phone number refers to a certain set of numbers that callers can dial to reach a specific party. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘DID’.

Call Screening

Call Screening provides customers with the ability to identify a caller and then choose their action response. Thus, the call recipient has the ability to accept, block or decline certain numbers.

This process saves you time as well as allows customers to take back their sense of privacy.

Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard

This is the interface through which customers are able to set up, port as well as manage their numbers.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

DID refers to a service provided by local exchange carriers that lets a phone call ring to a direct line. Instead of passing through a menu or phone tree, they can be directly routed to their end location. 

Businesses use DID services as a way for their customers or clients to easily gain access to direct lines. With DID, customers won’t have to be placed on hold, be interrupted by operators or navigate phone menus when calling.


The many benefits of number masking

Many businesses of all sizes across industries use number masking in order to interact with prospects and customers. In fact, call masking lets you:

You can protect your own phone number.

Number masking lets you separate your business-related phone calls from your mobile phone number.

Manage who calls you.

With a call masking feature, you can give your extension to particular people who need to reach you directly.

Use one single main corporate number.

You will be able to route incoming calls automatically to your organization’s main phone number.

Increase your sales.

You can avoid reaching the voicemail of many prospects when calling from a local phone number.



As you have seen, call masking is a very useful asset to any business. It lets you limit the visibility of any caller’s phone number and helps maintain privacy

Furthermore, with the call masking feature, you can select a virtual phone number for your business on an individual or group basis.

For all these reasons, a business can truly do a lot as well as form better connections with customers by making optimum use of this helpful feature. Call masking truly could be the perfect solution to respecting and maintaining your customers’ privacy.

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