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If you’re doing inside sales, you would all agree with me that a phone call can be an effective tool to reach out potential customers and effectively close a deal. At NeoDove, when we started in the month of March 2020. We had set a target of 20 paid accounts in 3 months and we over shot that in just two months. If you ask me , what worked was- “the effective sales pitch”. Although many of you would argue that it won’t sound convincing if you read from sales script. Although I agree with the fact that one should never read from a sales script while making a sale but a sales script can definitely help you in closing more deals as it helps you prepare the  best questions and lines to say and ask. Customers are no longer interested in listening to hour-long sales presentations. They expect you to explain your offerings within minutes.

You need to get your message conveyed in a concise and time-constrained manner. Only then can you call yourself a successful salesperson in pitching sales to your customers.

Six Strategies To Pitch In Sales Using Sales Scripts

  1. Write Out Your Sales Script With A Pen And Paper:

Have a habit of writing down your sales script using a pen and paper. While doing so, make sure you have the customer’s persona in front of you. Emphasize over the needs and problems of your customers.

Do not pitch how amazing your product is, how amazing the product features are, or how cool the golden button at the top of the UI of the platform is. Customers do not care about you. They are only interested in what you can do for them.

  1. Edit Your Sales Script At Least 10 Times:

As you go over the customer’s previews, personas, and so on, you will keep on making significant changes in your sales script. Therefore, make sure you go through the editing of your script several times, 10 to be the least.

This will help you decide the best sales script that covers your customer’s previews, personas, and points of view that should ultimately motivate them to purchase your offerings.

  1. Read The Scripts Out Loud Repeatedly:

Memorization experts state that your brain can retain sales scripts 300%+ better when you read the sales script out loud vs. in your head. Therefore, you should read your sales scripts out loud at least 10-20 times. 

Imagine yourself as an actor and think about being on camera with your prospect and wanting to perform flawlessly. Reading your scripts out loud repeatedly will help you accomplish this. 

You will be able to identify if you are missing some important terms or not able to pronounce something properly, and so on. It is a great way to understand what you need to improve on the verbal part of your sales script.

  1. Record Presenting Your Sales Script:

Record your sales script and replay it back to back. You might think you sound amazing for your prospect, but there is always a scope for improvement. Play it 5-10 times and see if everything is in order and well communicated.

See your voice modulation and think from a customer’s point of view whether it sounds worth listening and addressing. Make changes or additions if needed in your sales script.

  1. Role-Play With A Partner:

Data is the key to success and until you actually role play pitching your scripts with a partner or prospect, you will never know how they perform. So be sure to find a colleague, family member, friend, or someone you can trust. 

Tell them to play the role of your customer and act like how a normal customer would do in his daily life. Role-playing will ensure that you practice and prepare well before approaching your real customer.

  1. Present Your Sales Script Without Looking:

Now that you have put so many efforts and inputs in making your final sales script. The final stage is to present the sales script without reading it. Make sure you have memorized the entire script and are comfortable speaking the same without actually looking at it. Only then can you say that you have mastered pitching in sales successfully using your sales script.

NeoDove is also a great tool if you are looking for your telesales. The customizable script builder with preloaded templates can help you converse with the customer in the language that you want. Also you can bring in consistency and ensure your telesales team exactly communicate what you think is best for your business. All your sales team needs to do is access these scripts, practice them, and execute it well. 

The best part is that these scripts are customizable, therefore, your sales team can make changes in the sales script depending on the nature of your businesses well as the nature of your customers and prospects.

Key Points To Keep In Mind

Make sure you do not make a very long sales script. No customer likes to be asked too many questions or likes to spend too much time listening to a sales pitch. Therefore, keep it short and simple.

Identify who your customer is, what is he potentially looking for, and then cater to only those needs instead of telling the entire A-Z sales pitch. Do not ask or include direct imperative questions or details as it can trigger the customer in an adverse manner.

Be humble, and respect your customer’s space. Go slow while speaking out your sales script, do not be in a hurry to get done with it and come to the point. Your customer is interested in knowing how much you really care for him rather than just calling him to facilitate the quick purchasing decision.

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