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Branding of Automobile OEM

Published on October 21, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022
Branding in Automobile OEM

Branding in the Automobile is not just about logo and brand slogan. These two are key elements of branding, but it is also about your customer experience, social media posts, sale offers, and many more. With fierce competition in the market, dealers in the automotive industry underestimate their agency branding value. 

Your branding must exist everywhere, right from social media posts, your showroom, website, advertisement, your business cards. This consistency in branding is essential for effective sale conversion. 

Website Feel

Every automobile dealer has its website. Develop a website to generate leads, not just to display your digital presence. Your website should bridge the gap between the car dealers and the customers who are found online. 

Rather than having a static dealership website, why not think out of the box and have a website like Ling cars. It is one of the best UK car leasing websites with a lot of moving elements. This website is intelligent, funky, and lively. This website absolutely matches the owner’s personality. 

Targeted Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target only that sector of the audience interested in buying a car. You can also select the area around your showroom for effective lead generation. You can collect their phone numbers, email id through these ads. 

All you need to do is create an attractive creative on canva.com and fill in all the details of business.facebook.com.

Facebook ad for fiat

Retargeted Ads

The statistics show that 98% of the customers can be converted through retargeted ads. Retargeting ads are wonderful online advertising techniques that use Javascript code to follow your audience all over the web. 

The ad follows your customer or audience who have shown interest in your product or brand. For example, if a person named “Jay” has shown interest in a particular car brand from your showroom, you can retarget him on different websites through retargeting. This ensures that your showroom is on his mind.

Video Communication with your customers

With the spread of covid-19, video marketing has been upscaling in every industry. When a car is launched, the news is shot and displayed to the viewers. So, why don’t the car dealers adopt the same style? When it comes to cars, people would love to see rather than reading about it. 

This video is based on the Tata car showroom, displaying all the existing cars and showing the interiors of the car. The dealer gives a complete look and feel of his showroom through the video, the cars which make it enticing for the customers to visit the showroom. 

Create your own youtube channel and start talking about your car’s features, precautionary measures during covid, sanitizing efforts, and financial deals. Build an effective video strategy and get connected with your audience through useful and engaging videos.

Festive Sales

Are festive discounts and sales only limited to lifestyle and fashion? As an automobile dealer, you can run your own sales at your showroom to attract customers.

Launch your own sales campaign at a dealer level and enhance your customer experience. Start designing a campaign right from a tagline to offer to the sale end date. Build an effective social media strategy around the campaign and do spend on Fb and Insta ads. 

This is one of the best ways to grow through word-of-mouth marketing as your existing customers will spread the sales to their friends and relatives. 

The automotive industry is evolving more and more, which calls for a need to enhance your branding strategy. Customize everything about your automobile dealership because that’s what customers love. You need to have a marketing team who can strategize the entire marketing campaign to engage your customers to develop trust, enhanced customer experience, and brand building.

SMS Campaign and Whatsapp Campaign

 When you run a sales offer or have a new range of cars coming to your showroom, how do you plan to reach your customers? Bulk SMS and WhatsApp service are the best way to reach a plethora of customers about your offering. 

Some various platforms and agencies can support you in sending messages. You can choose to send one SMS every day or 5 SMS every day but not frustrate the customer with too many messages. Make one SMS, which must be very useful and give you a high conversion rate.

Google Ads

After setting up your Google Adwords account, you can select your keywords through Google Keyword Planner. After this, you can target your audience based on location. If your automobile dealer agency is based in Gurgaon, you wouldn’t want to target an audience in Bangalore. Hence, Google ads allow you to choose a location and target a specific audience.   

Now, grab the attention of your audience through a catchy headline and describe your offering to them. So spend some time creating creative, interesting, and engaging ads that can help you rank better in Google Search Result Pages.

Google Ads for cars

We can clearly see how the dealers have drafted a cool headline followed by a catchy description in the above image. Based on your ad spends and keywords, Google displays your ad when someone searches for you with relevant keywords. 

So, now do you see what you have been missing if you don’t brand your automobile dealership? 

And you know what’s next?

Get all the leads from these Facebook and google ads integrated into our Neodove application. Utilize your customer support department to call them personally and invite them to your showroom. Build scripts separately for these leads and pitch them about your automobile dealership. Both the inbound and outbound leads together can take your automobile dealership agency to the next level. 

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