Is selling cars on your mind? And is the same-old way of in-person sales not as effective as it used to be?

If yes, then you should consider investing time and resources into cold emails. In recent times, marketing via email has proven to be quite an effective way of turning prospects into clients.

So, let’s now explore some of the best cold email templates for automobile sales that you need to know…


What Makes a Good Automobile Sales Email?

When writing a sales email, for automobiles in particular, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing you’ll need to think about is an attention grabbing headline. This is then followed by a brief description of your business. 

You mention what makes your business unique and different from other similar nearby businesses.

Furthermore, you can even talk about what the add on benefits could be a prospect were to purchase from your dealership.

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Top 5 Cold Email Templates for Automobile Sales

Email marketing in car sales has proven to be quite effective in increasing sales. 

There are many stages from getting in touch with a prospect to convincing them, to handing over their car keys. So, how you connect with customers plays a major role when closing a sale.

As crafting the perfect cold email can be difficult at times, here are 5 cold email templates to help you get started:


Example 1 – The ‘Casual Introduction’ Email

An introductory email acts as a brief, friendly, and low-pressure way of reaching out to prospects. Moreover, it allows you to introduce your service and what you have to offer.


Hello [First Name],


I see that you’re interested in learning information about the [vehicle make and model]. That is a great car! 


We just so happen to have it on the lot right now at [dealership]. I look forward to providing you with any information I can about it.


Do you have any specific questions regarding the [vehicle make and model]? Or is there any other information I can help you with?


Just shoot me an email or ring me up at [phone number].


Looking forward to chatting with you.


[Your Name]

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Example 2 – The ‘Response to a Social Media Post’ Email

Your cold email doesn’t need to be completely out of the blue. In fact, you can even interact with your prospect via social media and continue the conversation over email.


Hey [First Name],


I wanted to let you know that I came across your post on [vehicle model] on [social media platform]. 


You mentioned that you’re interested in purchasing [vehicle models] and I can help you with that. 


We just so happen to have it on the lot at [dealership]. Furthermore, I’ll be more than happy to put in a word and help you with the process, if you’d like.


If you’re interested, do schedule in a meeting so we can discuss more in detail [link to meeting tool]. 


Yours Sincerely,


[Your Name]


Example 3 – The ‘Happy Birthday’ Email

Your prospective car buyer’s birthday is one that should be celebrated. And what better way to do that, than presenting them with a special birthday offer. 

Many like receiving ‘Happy Birthday’ emails from automobile dealerships. Prospects believe it shows that you care about them and offer the best possible customer experience.


Hey [First Name],


How’s your birthday going?


We at [dealership] wish you the most joyful and blessed of birthdays!


On this occasion, do celebrate your birthday with a special gift.


Come in for [x reason] and get [percent] off other services on the day of your appointment.


Just enter your car details here to get started:_____________




[Your Name]

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Example 4 – The ‘Trade In’ Email

Consider a prospect who’s owned a car for over four years. It is common for their existing vehicle to begin showing signs of wear and tear.

It helps to convince owners that upgrading to a newer model is a better choice may appear difficult at first. A well-crafted email can, however, become an effective weapon in this cause.


Here is a simple template you can use to get started:

Hello [First Name],


I just came across your tweet looking for a new vehicle.


I have access to a [vehicle make and model], and I think it’d be perfect for you!


You’re on your way to owning a great car. In fact, we are offering a custom dealership trade deal right now. So, it’s the optimal time for you to change cars.


Just let me know if I can do anything else for you. Do ring me up if you have any more questions about this opportunity at [phone number].




[Your Name]


Example 5 – The ‘Click Follow up’ email

In this template, sending timely email sales follow up can make all the difference. A well timed email increases the likelihood of striking up a conversation with your prospect and making a sale.

A car sales professional should keep an eye out for triggers. These indicate that prospects would like to be followed up with.


Hey [First Name],


I just wanted to give you an early heads up about the sour limited-time offer over at [dealership].


The offer only lasts for four days. So if you’re interested and wish to potentially end your car search, you’ll need to act fast!


[insert offer detail]


Do stop by our office anytime!


We’re open [day X] through [day Y] from [time].


You can call or drop by if you have any questions – we’ll do only the best for your driving needs.




[Your Name]

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As you have seen, there is no singular way to write a perfect cold email for automobile sales. 

These templates, however, provide you with all the tools you need to create your own sales emails. Consequently, you can definitely increase the number of prospects in your pipeline.

By following our tips, you, too, will be able to achieve success in this competitive market. Not only will you be able to get in touch with more clients, you will also be able to grow their trust over time.