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How is the Next Generation Transforming Automobile Dealerships?

Published on November 11, 2020
Last modified on March 22, 2022
digital trends in automobile delaership

The automotive industry’s digital transformation is one of the most trending topics in the modern global scenario, especially under the altered digitization of almost every other industry pan globally. This industry has massively transformed in the last decade as consumer demand is rising and everyone wants to know more about upcoming models and so the industry has adopted new digital trends in automobiles to stay afloat.

Changing Trends in Customer Demands

Before we dig into the industry’s real-time transformation, let us understand the viewpoint of a customer. Any sector of any probably quintessential era depends on the demands of the consumers. So, the mode of purchase and after purchase services get included in it when it comes to automobile preference. 

Back in the days when offline or hands-on manual marketing was the ultimate option, the customer choices were different. Nobody was so cautious about the features or the luxury of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. These days, every small detail comes into consideration. Road trips have dynamically changed into luxury experiences. Customers now expect a seamless experience with omnipotent after-sales services. 

These shifting paradigms in customer behavior have influenced and shaped the automobile dealership. The customers are now keen to learn in the digital mode for purchasing cars or two-wheelers and expect superb customer-friendly service.

Companies are embracing new digital trends in automobile and has practically upgraded industry standards. Every company is realizing videos and specs of the car in detail and customers are getting well acquainted with the technical features of the automobiles. Thus, the industry doesn’t refrain from educating the customer more about it. 

Role of Digital Marketing in Creating a Bridge Between Brands, Dealers, and Buyers

The automotive industry’s leading brands are of the notion that digital trends in the automobile industry are changing rapidly. Digital technology is an associated factor or a helping means to keep track of a drive even a few years back. But the dynamic spurt of change in the last few years has dramatically transformed its role into a unique driving force and a potential platform for the sales of cars and two-wheelers. 

The CEO and marketing department head of multiple brands acknowledges that among the many boons offered by digital marketing to the automotive industry, the primary role is customer engagement. The brands can directly have feedback from the customer. They can know what society wants; they can identify and correlate the needs of the purchasers. These surveys and prototyping were hardly possible in the first generation automotive industry.

Ecommerce has occupied such exceeding supremacy that the whole automobile industry experienced a complete shift of principles, ideas, procedures, and management. Recently, Hyundai launched the click to buy a campaign that is customer-friendly e-commerce or digital buying initiative program.  

Now, suppose we streamline our vision, not limit it to just the car manufacturers. In that case, the OEM dealers have to come out of those stereotypic ways and protocols and make customers happier by reaching out to them through these new channels. 

The potential customers now look for specs, brand preferences, features, and luxury. Nothing is just a basic need, and nobody wants to restrict their desires or demands to a simple demand set. Nowadays, people attach more importance to services, luxury, and comfort. Dealers can identify with these demands and change their sales strategy accordingly to improve the sales curve. 

Dynamicity in Platforms of Digital Marketing

The inclusion of a digital platform is not limited to sales. Advertisement, marketing, customer relations, everything in and around the core selling procedure has also turned digital. The marketing and advertising principle, however, remains the same. The marketing medium for any product always remains the one in which the maximum number of potential customers are involved. For example, if you want to sell activewear, you will have to advertise it in a gym because that is where the targeted audience is aggregate. The same norm applies to the automotive industry as well. 

Earlier, the ads for cars and bikes were put up on television because the mass public watched television. Now the ads are running more on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and online streaming platforms like YouTube. This is because most of the population today is connected to these platforms, so your ads will better reach. The next-gen of automobile dealers have realized this new digital trend in automobiles and are actively using YouTube and other social media like FaceBook to advertise their new launches.

Digital Car selling

Algorithms of social media allow you to target that audience which shows interest in cars, based on salary, age, and many more criteria. This has allowed the automobile dealers also to focus on their branding to attract local customers to their showrooms. 

How have digital trends in automobile shifted?

If you want to have an insight into the entire automotive industry, there are far more domains than merely purchasing cars and two-wheelers. Among these parameters are connectivity, supply chain, designing, procurement, and exchange opportunities. 

Back in the years when digital marketing was just a mere bookish concept, could a person sitting in a small deserted town even think of buying a car from a metropolis showroom without a physical visit? The answer would be a big no. But nowadays, everything is just one click away with the enormously strong internet. You can have a detailed look at the cars, its features and scrutinize them optimally via a screen. This is one of the major boons of digital marketing. The second generation has taken steps forward to solve the problems that existed in the market. 

Similarly, digital trends have remarkably improved transparency in the automobile industry. The entire automotive journey is online. You have better and more options with the freedom of comparison so that you can choose the best product for yourself at the best price. 

cars e-commerce platform

Not only new purchases, but digitization has also massively affected the automotive exchange market. There are plenty of online options to exchange your old cars, buy 2nd hand cars at affordable prices, and so on. All this wasn’t available in the last generation but the second generation has made the impossible possible through their innovation, intellect, and commitment to solving the problems of the customer. This has led to the expansion of the industry and also created a need in the customer’s mind. 

In fact, the next-gen is going the extra mile in using technology to create a bond with customers. Sending e-greetings on special occasions has become a norm that was unheard of before.

A lot of dealers have them on dedicated websites to showcase not only their products but also their ethos, values, and customer testimonials to build credibility in the minds of the customers.

Not to forget, digital marketing has helped to understand the market trends, needs. Thus, manufacturing houses can bring about real-life innovative designs in their products that can serve people better and improve the brand’s conduct, sales, and goodwill in a market. To know more click here.

The whole automobile world is changing with futuristic innovations, strengthening bonds between the buyer and seller pool. Thus ,the new digital trends in automobile  acts as a fuel to gear up the life of every domain of the automobile industry.

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