To maintain the optimum performance of a vehicle, it needs regular service as it ages. This is one of the reasons why automobile workshops have helped dealerships’ revenue grow steadily.

However, new and existing customers are increasingly turning to standalone mechanics and small local workshops. So, how do you beat such competitors?

There are two main categories of services in the automobile industry: paid services and free services. Your vehicle is typically provided with free service within its first year.

how to increase automobile workshop revenue

Free services, even though they in the short run may not generate much revenue for the workshop, can be vital in the long run. 

If your customer is happy with your work during the free service period, the chances of them coming back to you for paid services become much higher. Hence, improving the services at every touchpoint will help in generating more revenue for the dealer.

Read on to know how to improve automobile workshop performance and increase profit.


How to improve automobile workshop performance?

Automobile workshops rely heavily on customer loyalty, which can only be earned by providing excellent service. Your customers will soon lose interest in your services if you fail to deliver up to the standards. The following ways are crucial to maximizing workshop profits.

how to increase service revenue in automobile workshop

1. Adopt innovation

Innovation is not only important for improving the means of buying cars and closing deals, but also for the after-sales service. There is not much opportunity for buyers to obtain this kind of management and innovation at the corner car store. Shouldn’t they expect similar treatment at the dealer store? 

Most often clients are probably not going to venture out to longer distances for their vehicle service needs. Here lies an opportunity for dealerships to tap customers in their local vicinity.

Use WhatsApp, SMS, digital marketing and outbound calling to find potential customers in your area. 

2. Offer auto fix financing

Few out of every odd assistance visit goes as easily as we’d like it to. But sometimes the mechanic may find other things to consider. In such cases, financing is an amazing arrangement that you can offer.

The automatic repair financing will be something excellent to provide to your customers. In dealership management, competing for cost is common, and automatic repair financing helps you gain an edge over others.

If you want your fixed ops to be as profitable as possible, auto repair financing is a great option to make available for your service customers.

3. Become your client’s choice

There are multiple places from where clients can get their vehicle’s service done, so for them to choose your dealership’s service station, you will have to deepen your ties with them by providing them with something extra.

Free services like wheel arrangement and adjusting, vehicle washing, extras, and so on influence the client’s decision. Each time a service is due, they know what all you offer as compared to others. So, it’s important to create that distinction in their minds.

4. Make help advantageous 

When managing customers, comfort plays a big role. Customers today prefer not going to the dealership to drop their vehicle for service and come back later to collect it.

Recent research by Accenture indicates that 70% of the customers would prefer invisible service, ie., service/repair of a vehicle without the owner visiting the dealer point. 

Invisible Auto Service

Pick-up and drop services can prove beneficial for your dealership’s service station. Not only will this decrease competition from the local automobile workshops, but will also keep local mechanics at bay.

5. Improve the experience

If your dealership can prove to buyers that your fixed operations are better than independent stores by providing them with a more advantageous service experience, your customers will rely on you increasingly. 

Follow-up with your customers, ask them for feedback and send them relevant information to keep them updated on everything important for their vehicle. Use channels like WhatsApp to share offers or collect feedback on calls, but keep it consistent and well-placed.

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7. Integrate the service drive with sales 

Incredible assistance throughout the buyer journey, for both pre-sales and post-sales processes, leads to increased customer loyalty.

Data on the auto industry suggests that after five help visits, customers tend to buy their next car from one dealership only. If not buy, they at least become their brand advocate and give referrals. 

Providing an exceptional workshop experience is an incredibly effective and effective strategy for dealing with customers. Ensure that you have the ideal people and work cycles to associate your managers and service workshops to bring out maximum benefits.

Auto workshop

8. Add VAS to your service list

VAS services like extended warranty, insurance, AMC, etc. not only act as additional channels of revenue overall but also help increase automobile workshops revenue. 

Industry research indicates the chances of customers returning to your workshop for services increases exponentially when they take VAS like insurances or extended warranties from your dealership. To know more click here.


Great service performance is a precursor for great sales performance and similarly, service loyalty generates sales loyalty. Service conversion, when done effectively, is a tremendously powerful and efficient method of sales prospect generation. Ensure your dealership takes advantage of technology to up the game.

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