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5 Amazing ways that a CRM can enhance sales productivity

Published on January 14, 2023
Last modified on January 20, 2023
5 Amazing ways that a CRM can enhance sales productivity l NeoDove

Did you know that you can increase your sales by 29% if you start using a CRM system? In fact, you can also increase sales productivity by up to 34%!

However, 22% of salespeople don’t have any idea about what a CRM system is.

This is why even though most businesses have been pushing towards higher sales targets, only a few are achieving them. Another reason why businesses are unable to achieve their sales targets is that they overlook one important aspect – sales productivity.

The productivity of your sales representatives is a crucial factor in the overall growth and success of your business. This is true for any business across any industry.

As such, the best way to measure sales productivity is by a CRM. In this article, we will delve into 5 ways that you can increase sales productivity using a CRM system.

What is Sales Productivity?

What is Sales Productivity l NeoDove

Sales productivity basically determines how quickly your sales team is able to achieve sales targets. It is a measure of how good your sales results are.

Manually measuring sales productivity would not be feasible for even SMBs, let alone large businesses. 

5 Ways You Can Maximize Sales Productivity With A CRM System

Sales productivity is critical for every business as it’s directly linked with how profitable your business would be. 

A CRM tool is invaluable to businesses because of the several benefits of CRM. There are many features of CRM that can reap immense benefits for your business. 

5 Ways You Can Maximize Sales Productivity With A CRM System l NeoDove

Here are 5 ways that a CRM system can increase sales productivity within your team:

1) A Central Repository For All Tasks and Data

A CRM tool can help keep track of all customer info and data in a single place. Thus, a CRM system works as a central repository for all important data you can access anytime that you need it. 

One of the key benefits of CRM is that you can use CRM tools to create tasks. You can then assign these tasks to sales reps in your team. Consequently, this also aids in increasing sales productivity.

2) More Qualified Leads

A good CRM system allows you to focus your time, efforts and resources on the best qualified leads. One of the best features of CRM is that it gives you interaction tracking statistics and analytics. 

In this way, the CRM system allows you to gauge which leads would likely convert. This way you can not only maximize the number of qualified leads but also increase sales productivity.

3) More Task Automation

From keeping track of important customer information to sending out reminders about follow-ups, a CRM system helps automate more tedious tasks. A CRM tool is great for reducing your administrative workload. 

With the reduction of tedious tasks, you can increase sales productivity within your organization. Moreover, streamlining such processes with a CRM system also saves your time and money.

4) Better Team Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, a CRM system allows your team to access data on demand since everything is consolidated into a single repository. This is particularly helpful among all the features of CRM. 

This aspect allows multiple agents to work on a single account by giving them access to critical information, as needed. 

A good CRM system also includes features that help in better collaboration. Such features of CRM include document sharing and task management. Ultimately, such features help sales reps coordinate their tasks and stay updated about the latest developments.

5) Sales Activities Tracker

To increase sales productivity in your business, you must first understand what is going on in the first place. But how do you do that? Here again, you need the help of a good CRM system. 

The features of CRM not only streamline and reduces your administrative workload but also simplify sales activities. 

A CRM tool aids you in tracking all the steps in a sales process. That means you can track every process from the initial contact with a lead to the final conversion. This gives sales managers the complete picture of the team’s performance and areas of improvement.


Just like everything else, you get tons of options for CRM systems as well. So, how do you choose the best CRM system for your company? 

The best way is to check the features of CRM and the benefits of CRM. If a CRM system matches what your business needs, it will help increase sales productivity as well.

If you’re still in a dilemma, opt for NeoDove’s CRM system – the smart solution for all your sales productivity needs!

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