Why does the automobile industry need automated software?

automated software for automobile industry

In the era when globalization has modified lifestyles and enhanced dimensions, automobiles have become an important part of modern-day living. From a basic motorcycle to a lavish modified car, modernization has led to a surge in the scope of the automobile industry. This has not only helped heighten the automobile sector yet has also affected the ancillary industries to a great extent. 

Due to an increase in a variety of automobiles available for customers, the competition among manufacturers and dealers has drastically escalated, as a result, many of them are facing a high competition for their dealerships.

Let us further discuss some of the benefits of having an automated software and how can it help the automobile dealers

  • Pre-Purchase Solutions

Every customer before investing and purchasing any commodity initially researches and goes through the best possible value. Buying an automobile requires careful analysis and in-depth knowledge. Customers browse all possible options like market research, test-drive, and best-specifications to finally reach a conclusion. In all possible scenarios, automated software is the chief solution automobile dealers can invest in. 

NeoDove an automated telesales software simplifies your workload. It offers pre-defined customizable sales scripts that can comfortably be created. With the choice of questions available from a range to adding one that your sales team finds suitable everything is customizable. Your Telesales team with the help of NeoDove can access client information and suggest to them the finest available option in their budget. 

Once the customer has distinctly marked his choices and shortlisted the automobile he considers the best, the next step that follows up is the purchase. The telesales representative, in this case, needs to know some details about the customer and have a regular follow-up so that the client has the final dealings from their store. 

For an automobile dealing to be successful, it is crucial to assure that the customers do not miss out on any possible detail. Having an automated system at the dealer’s end in situations like these helps in providing a complete package. This not only results in successful dealings yet also enlarges the chances of sustaining a healthy customer relationship.

NeoDove offers features for all cases. From call scheduling, for regular followups to direct WhatsApp message broadcasting everything is in store. Using NeoDove your sales teams can not only regularly followup to your prospects but also provide them details through direct Whatsapp messages. 

  • Post-sales services

The work is not yet over when an automobile deal is completed. All of the main struggles begin at this stage. From regular EMI collection to scheduled services everything needs to be followed up from all clients.

Dealers need to maintain a bulk record of all the automobile dealings. Using NeoDove will not help maintain leads and follow-up regularly on time yet will also help all the time spent on secondary work. Our telesales software filters lead, offers automatic scheduling, and generate per day reports on the efficiency of every individual. This will help your sales team work in real-time hassle-free. Payment reminders turn out easy. Features like direct WhatsApp and SMS options in NeoDove software save time and help regulate reminders in the quickest time.

 Every effort for an automobile dealer narrows down to precisely one key that is the customer service experience. Emphasis on every interaction between the brand and the customer is crucial. It has the power to change the relationship.  Thus, owning an automated customer service software like NeoDove is the answer to all queries as the trick to success is to   “BE SMART!”  and possess the best available technology in the industry.

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