How to Drive More Site Visits In Real Estate. The Tips and tricks

Drive more site visits in real estate

In the real estate sector, the chances of a successful lead conversion greatly depend on the number of successful site visits. Many term it as the break-or-make moment in the sales process. Therefore it becomes imperative to drive more site visits in real estate to achieve sales.

According to the statistical research conducted by KnowledgeHub, more than 7% of property site visits convert into actual sales, a high conversion rate considering the substantial cost of a unit.

It is very important to have a sound strategy in place in order to drive more site visits especially when you have such a high conversion rate. A site visit is a significant step that is undertaken by the customers before they decide to invest in your real estate project.

 Their buying intent is clearly visible when they decide to visit your real estate site. This makes it quite evident that engaging your potential customers through site visits will likely lead to higher chances of sales.

Also, marketing for a high-ticket item is a step-by-step process. In this, you focus on smoothly nudging a customer from one stage of the buying cycle to the other stage. 

The following steps can be applied to drive more site visits and increase sales:

Simplify The Site Visit Booking Process

Executing the process of scheduling a site visit for a customer should be simple and easy to use. Learn to adopt the one-click scheduling model so that your potential customers, who are interested in a site visit, can visit the project page, enter all the necessary details, and preferred time slots for the site visit, and get their site visit scheduled. 

Once they are done successfully scheduling their site visit, make sure that they also receive a confirmation email & calendar invitation. Give them the option to reschedule as well if they wish to.

Once they have scheduled their site visit. You can always send them additional follow up reminders by just calling them up. NeoDove is a great tool for touch basing with customers for scheduling appointments and follow-ups. Your sales team can call up the prospects and convey the message, take remarks, and also send WhatsApp messages with brochure links to the customer from the app. A friendly reminder or followup can also be scheduled from the app. This way you can inform your leads about their upcoming site visit schedule or simply send in a nice message on their preferred mode of communication saying you are expecting to meet them very soon. Remember that the simpler the process, the higher the opportunity for more site visits.

Save Time And Effort Through Virtual Site Visits

According to the research conducted, companies with an option of virtual site visits have seen around a 30% increase in the number of site visits. Moreover,  an easy-to-set-up, customizable Virtual Reality technology allows a lead to experience the site from the comfort of his/her home. 

It really works well for especially NRI leads or leads from different parts of the country. A VR site visit is a great option that will surely extend the reach in terms of leads. It involves zero efforts. Furthermore, a customer will more likely opt for it.

Provide A Pick-Up/Drop Service

The major concerning point that usually holds back potential leads from actually going through a site visit in real estate  is the effort it takes to visit the property. Therefore, you can offer a free pick-up and drop service. It will prove to be a very valuable addition that will attract and drive more site visits.

Also, it will save customers money and efforts to travel. This will make it easier to convince them to visit the property site. However, if your real estate property is located in a bigger city where it is difficult to have a pickup and drop service option, then work on arranging a pickup from a station or a nearby area.

Build An Experience Centre

Whenever a potential lead visits the site, he would be expecting more than just a tour of the sample flat. To address this, many renowned real estate companies have designed a customer experience center.

 Here, they demonstrate how the complete project will look like and it gives the customers a feeling of the lifestyle that the project will be provided on completion. New-age modern-day customers want more than just a good flat to live. 

They aspire to a better lifestyle. Therefore, It is imperative to give them a teaser of the lifestyle experience that they can expect from the property on receiving their possession. 

 To show the future picture, experience centers make use of smart technological solutions like VR or video centers to achieve this end goal. You can also work on including images of your customer experience center so that the customer will be more inclined to visit the project. 

Personalized Content Automation

It is very important to connect with a customer at the right time. So when the customer is browsing your real estate project website you are likely to be at the top of the customer’s mindset at that moment.

So by using advanced marketing automation features, you can have a personalized content strategy for each customer who is a part of your lead nurturing plan. Focus on tracking the web and sales interaction of each and every customer. You can then easily send relevant messages on any particular event triggered by the customer.  

By using marketing automation tools, companies across diverse industries have witnessed a 20% increase in consumer engagement rates as per the research conducted. The higher is your customer engagement rate, the more is the probability of driving more site visits in real estate.

Work on setting up in-depth drip marketing where communications are based on various touch-points. When a customer visits the project website or has a quality conversation with a pre-sales representative from your company, you can communicate an offer mailer or an emailer that showcases the project’s aspiring lifestyle.

 An exclusive ‘Schedule Site Visit’ CTA in these emailers with a link to the one-click booking process can go a long way in converting potential leads. So start planning a dedicated strategy to drive more site visits and witness growth in sales.

Be in all Real estate portals

Be present in sites like Magic Bricks, Just Dial, or 99 You really need to be there if you want to be discovered. Advertise on their website, although it may be slightly expensive these sites play a huge role in home buying and it’s probably the best. These sites account for 48% of all site traffic for real estate searches. You can use tools like NeoDove which has integration with these portals.No need to keep track of the leads generated from these sites. All can flow into the portal for you to call the prospect immediately.

Run Social Media ads

Don’t be afraid to invest in paid ads on social media. With organic reach dwindling on popular social networks like Facebook, paid FB ads do come to rescue. You can get in front of your target clients very easily.  Neodove has integrations with FB ads. All the leads generated can easily flow into the campaign for the user to call the prospect immediately. This ensures you don’t have to manually keep a track of your leads.


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