The Importance Of Standup Meetings In Sales

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The standup meetings can fall under serious scrutiny in a drive to have the perfect company culture. Many surveys show that employees prefer fewer meetings. But as we know in order to do business, getting together at least occasionally is a must.

Many companies and startups are switching from the traditional get-togethers to stand-up meetings in today’s time. It sets a completely different environment than that of the seated gatherings.

Stand-up meetings are quite famous amongst development teams and are gaining popularity amongst all types of teams that need an efficient way to share progress, and stay aligned with the organizational goals. 


Importance Of Stand-up Sales Meetings


  1. Building Organization Culture:

Stand-up sales meetings play a vital role in nurturing esprit de corps. They serve as the catalyst and binding agent for shared goals and organizational objectives. It brings together the sales team and helps to accomplish goals which one cannot do alone.

This boosts the sales culture in the organization. Also, stand-up sales meeting involves telling salespeople about their performance and do’s and dont’s if any. So you can save up a lot of time during the meeting by doing this homework in advance. Using NeoDove, you get access to see how your sales team is performing, and how many leads they are really getting into the business and much more. It is a great tool to analyze their performance and then talk to them about it during your stand-up sales meetings.


  1. Communication:

Standup sales meetings serve as the one consistent forum for communication and connection for salespeople. Often it happens that there is very poor communication between the sales team due to various independent groups.

Standup meetings bring together these independent groups into one dependent group where all the salespeople share their work motive with respect to the organizational objectives.

It leads to proper communication with salespeople interacting freely with one another and makes the meeting productive and worth of your time. Also, stand-up sales meetings create synergy. They create like-minded thinking that brings the entire sales team together.


  1. Direction And Numbers:

Stand-up sales meetings are all about numbers. They influence the direction and indicate what course of action needs to be taken. Sales numbers are a direct reflection of the actual results. They measure the success of the sales team and help to recognize their work. 


  1. Motivation:


Every employee in the organization needs the motivation to work harder and achieve the desired goals, both personal as well as organizational. Stand-up sales meetings touch on many forms of motivation which are both positive as well as negative. They create competition and pressure needed in the organization. This motivates or persuades an employee to work harder and stand above the rest. It is a great tool to keep the entire sales team engrossed in their work actively.


  1. Skills Set Development:

Standup sales meetings test and hone the abilities of the employees, and force them to learn and apply new skills and processes that are needed to progress ahead.  It allows salespeople to assess each other’s skillsets and accordingly plan out what new skills or existing skills they need to improvise and deliver better in the short as well as long run.

Top Tips And Rules For Effective Stand-Up Sales Meetings


  1. Only Meet When Necessary:

The name itself says that stand-up meetings are short meetings where people are not making themselves comfortable for long meetings. It is usually for 15 minutes or so or less than that. Focus on sharing necessary updates without giving details about each and every update.  However, if you feel that some additional inputs are also needed, then you can always follow-up afterward with an email or team chat. You need to be quick and efficient.


  1. Establish A Goal:

Make sure you know what is your agenda of holding a standup meeting. Do not call your team and then discuss what we should discuss. Plan it in advance and communicate the same to your team as well. This way you can directly get to the predetermined discussion when you all meet together. Not justifying the goal of the meeting will only make people pay less attention to you. So make sure you do justify the goals and why their presence is needed.


  1. Maintain Structure:

A standup meeting is informal, but that does not mean there is no formal flow of events. Make sure your team does not deviate from the motive of the meeting discussion. Ask things like progress updates, what your team is currently working on, what are the potential hurdles and challenges that need to be overcome, and so on. Have a structure that is being followed and the rest will go smoothly.


  1. Make Employees Feel Their Presence Felt:

Holding up a standup meeting brings together employees and allows them to interact with each other. They get to know each other much better formally and see what they are working on, their progress rate, and how each one of them is contributing to the assigned task. It is a great way for the employees to make their presence felt as they get to know what everyone including them has been up to work-related. It is a great way to develop employee relationships and a bond that will seek them to work together and achieve the required goals.


  1. Give Everyone A Chance To Talk:


Make sure everyone has a say in the stand-up meeting. One person alone should not dominate the meeting and should give others an equal chance to put forward their points.  By doing so, your employees will not be discouraged and will have the confidence of speaking up and putting forward their updates and their progress lately. Be loyal and be flexible all the time when holding stand-up sales meetings.


The standup meetings are one of the most popular and agile methodologies gaining prominence, especially in SaaS companies sales. It will help you keep team alignment and focus on the objectives.  Although it looks quite simple to implement, it is often more than what meets the eye. Have your team feel connected at all points is the most important part.

At NeoDove, standup meetings have become an important part of our company culture and more so when we all are working remotely. It helps us to connect with teammates, plan our day, take opinions, and most importantly know what each one of us is doing. 


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