In this edition of product updates, we have come out with big features that is going to make a real difference in the way your telecalling happens

  1. Lead states– Now you can add states to all your leads to know exactly where they stand in the buyer journey funnel. For example- No of open leads, in-progress leads, converted leads etc.


2. Tags– Now you can add tags to each of your lead- Open, In progress, Converted/lost states . This will help you know exactly at which state your lead is in each lead stage. For example  Under open stage, you can add tags like- hot, cold , warm,etc. Under In progress stage, you could add tags like appointed scheduled, test drive booked, etc.The “converted “ ,“Lost”  and “Open”are compulsory in each stage as the lead can jump from one state to another at anypoint of time of the buyer journey . This has to be done at the web portal so when the telecaller is calling , depending upon the outcome of the call he can select the state of stage.


3. Company Segregation– we have now segregated the campaigns based on the industry  and calling type- service, sales, reminders and feedback. All the campaigns belonging to a particular calling type can be seen under that .For example : all automobile dealership campaigns will be under 4 types- service , sales and feedback. On clicking sales, we can see all the campaigns that come under sales.

4. Co-assign of leads- we know how important it is for our telecallers to be able to co-assign leads to sales and service teams specially during a new sales or service call  for serving the customer end to end. We have come up with new feature- co-assign leads wherein the telecaller will be able to co-assign the lead to the teammate from the app itself and also check the tasks assigned to her/him for faster and end to end resolution.


















That’s from us in this edition of product update. Do let us know which features you would like to come up with.

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