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If you’ve ever done a telecalling, I bet you would know the feeling. The feeling of butterflies or emptiness in the stomach, getting a cold fit, procrastinating everyday on pretext of some excuse or the other. Basically Call Reluctance ! The inherent inability to pick up the phone and do the first telecall as your mind dreads that call rejection!!!! Sound familiar. All SDR’s go through these. In sales parlance we call it”Sales Reluctance”.

Sales call reluctance is a mental response to a perceived threat. In the book” The Psychology of Sales Reluctance”, Shannon Goodson and George Dudley states 80% of new salespeople fail due to call reluctance .

Call reluctance is not confined to only the new salespeople. It can happen with the expert sales pros as well who have been in this industry for years. But they need to quickly overcome this if they want to survive in this industry.

According to a study of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, about 40% of salespeople experience episodes of call reluctance, despite having years of sales experience and wide knowledge about the product segment they are dealing with or selling in.

The main skills and mindsets required to overcome call reluctance start from having a positive attitude. If you do not have this, you cannot proceed ahead. Once you have the right attitude, you need to have determination, perseverance, and enthusiasm when prospecting. Also, understand that rejection is a common part of the selling process.

What Causes Sales Reluctance?

  1. Fear Of Call Rejection:

As a human being, you look forward to engaging in positive group discussions, interactions, and group acceptance. But when you are rejected or ignored by a customer, prospect, or a sales colleague, your body biologically triggers emotionally and you develop a fear of rejection.

Furthermore, you start feeling to retreat from the situation because you think you are not capable of dealing with this situation of approaching a particular prospect or customer.

These responses in our body are something we want to avoid experiencing again and therefore you end up becoming reluctant to make sales calls.

  1. Improper Qualification Of Leads:

As a salesperson, you are a true advisor who is present to help their customers. However, if you do not analyze if your product or service is perfect for your prospect, then you are not performing well on your service part.

Moreover, your prospect will end up wasting time with a product or a service that he doesn’t require. You will spend a lot of time and effort describing a product or a service to your prospect he does not want.

As a result, your prospect will not be interested and he will most likely reject you which will force you into negative thoughts and make you think about your selling skills.

  1. Lack Of Proper Knowledge Of Organization’s Products And Services:

As a sales individual, you must have A-Z knowledge about the product or the service that your company is offering. If you do not have this knowledge, then you are making a big mistake.

You will end up approaching the customer with half knowledge about what you are offering and the customer can figure out the same through your body language and the inability to answer product related questions.

As a result, the customers or the prospect will reject you because he will think you are improper to sell an offering he is interested in. Therefore, being adverse with the product and service knowledge is crucial for the salespeople.

  1. Lack Of Practice:

You learn a lot during your customer interactions in your sales career. Things like general questions, queries, problems, and so on a customer will have is something you get to know with experience.

This helps you to analyze your selling technique. But if you are a starter in the sales who has not practiced customer engagement before and is simply starting based on assumptions, then you are going to have a tough time.

Due to lack of experience and practice, you will not be  able to deal with the customers well and which might  result in the customer  ignoring and rejecting you for further discussion. 

Adverse Effects Of Call Reluctance On Your Sales Career

  1. Decline In Your Sales Performance:

If you do not find a solution to overcome the fear of call reluctance sooner you will end up losing a significant number of your leads over time. Furthermore, this will affect your sales performance reputation severely.

Your sales metrics will show an average performance  and this might impact your career prospects . You would not be recommended for reaching out to know about company offerings.

  1. No Promotion Opportunities:

Just like any other job role,a SDR also gets promoted to a higher-level position in the company based on his performance to date. However, if you are reluctant to make calls to your prospects, this will reflect on the company’s customer approach part.

There won’t be any incoming prospects and the company will have no reason to appreciate your performance and reward you with a higher status in the organization.

As a result, you will miss upon the growth opportunities that come your way within the organization only because your call reluctance.

How To Overcome Call Reluctance?

  1. Justify Your Role As A Salesperson:

You need to understand and give justice to your role as a salesperson. Be prepared to communicate with different customers and prospects on a regular basis because that is what a salesperson does.

Be prepared to take backlashes and rejections from the customers because you cannot induce everyone into buying your offerings. Do not underestimate yourself and be confident while approaching them. Learn that a simple rejection should not stop you from being a successful salesperson. Analyze your drawbacks and come back stronger and well prepared.

  1. Have Product And Service Knowledge:

Before starting to reach out to your prospects and customers, make sure you are 100% adverse with the products and services your company is offering. Be one step ahead of the customer.

This way you will be able to answer all their queries, concerns, and so on regarding your offering. As a result, the prospect will be more interested in communicating with you because he knows that you are the perfect guide to walk you through the product description and purchase process. So no rejection, and only further communication.

  1. Study Your Prospect:

Before calling your prospect, make sure you know what exactly he is looking for. Ask yourself the following questions-

  • Do they need what I’m selling?
  • Are they a decision-maker?
  • Can they afford what I’m selling?
  • Who would I likely be competing with?

If you know the answers to these questions, then you will be super confident while speaking to your prospects because now you know what exactly your prospect is looking for.

4. Reframe Fear Of Call Rejection Into Embrace Of Value

Often the fear of rejection stems from internal causes. As a SDR you need to focus outward as to how your product/service can help the prospect. Only when you do this you become a product evangelist and overcome the call reluctance. It is very imperative that organizations during their sales trainings should coach deep down beyond the financial benefits that the product delivers,to the emotional benefit. The SDR should himself be convinced about it and only that can he take the responsibility to reach out to more customers with confidence.

It is a great way to boost your overall performance and there are very less chances that the customer will be willing to reject you if you perform so. NeoDove is a great tool to collect and analyze your leads data.

Furthermore, it will provide you with all the tools that will help you understand the nature and complexities involved with a lead which will help you to approach them fully prepared.

From the above facts and points, we conclude that you can never be a successful salesperson if you let rejection take over the control of your job. Learn, practice, analyze, and come back stronger to obtain the best performance out of yourself and help freezing sales leads.

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