Proactiveness Is The Key To Converting Sales Lead


Every business organization strives to have a management team that is goal-oriented, charismatic, attentive, and proactive. 

A proactive sales team is the key to converting any sales lead. It is an approach that empowers the salesperson to take control of the sales process instead of waiting for potential customers to show up.

Having a proactive sales approach depends on the nature of your product that your business is offering, the resources that are available and being used by your sales team, and finally the demands and needs of the customers who you are planning to approach with your offerings.

It often happens that your customer or potential customer does not know what their problem is. Proactive salespeople use their product as a solution to their problems that they have not identified so far.

When your sales team is following a proactive approach, they are able to direct the entire sales process and support their company’s bottom line. Moving ahead we will discuss the top techniques that will help your sales team to have a proactive approach and convert sales leads.

6 Proactive Sales Strategies To Convert Sales Leads

  1. Anticipate Concerns And Objections In Advance:

The sales team that is proactive will be able to influence the desired outcome. A proactive salesperson will be able to anticipate customer objections and concerns before they are brought up by the customer itself. This will help the salesperson in selling his product. 

Your customer must have certain objections and concerns towards your product that he has not pinpointed yet. Also, sometimes, they don’t know the concerns yet. As a proactive salesperson, your sales team needs to analyze the nature of your customer using data collected.

This way you can make assumptions as to what can be the possible objections and concerns your customer might come up with. Once you have figured out the same, communicate the solutions to their possible objections in advance. This will create a good customer experience and are more  likely to  purchase your product.

  1. Ask For Feedback Regularly:

Proactive sales people keep taking feedback from their customers on a regular basis. You can ask your prospects or customers what really influenced them to buy your product and look into it deeper.

This way you will know what tactics used by your sales team did really influence customer’s purchasing behavior and resume your sales process accordingly. By knowing what works and what does not work, you will be able to close sales deals accordingly.

Having a concrete feedback session with your customers will help you determine the outcome of your next sales deal. Furthermore, take your lead with you and proactively guide them through the entire sales process. 

You will need a medium to connect with your customers in order to take a feedback session. Using NeoDove will give you the power to engage with customers with their preferred mode of communication such as WhatsApp, voice call, SMS, and so on. 

  1. Proactively Ask Open-Ended Questions To Understand Customer Pain Points:

A proactive salesperson would guide the customer conversation to reach sales. In order to do so, you must ask open-ended questions to understand your customers better. 

When you ask questions that cannot be answered using just a simple ‘’yes’’ or a “no”, you are giving more options to your customer to voice their opinion and concerns briefly. This is what we call active listening.

The information that you obtain from customers through active listening, helps proactive salespeople to see if their prospect or the customer is a perfect fit for your product offerings or not.

Asking open-ended questions to your customers will help you learn if they are sure of moving ahead with the sales or not. Also, see if they have a problem regarding a particular offering. This way you can try and help solve their problems that are probably stopping them to move ahead with the purchase.

Connecting with your customers closely is very important while asking open-ended questions.

  1. Make Data-Driven Decisions:

Proactive salespeople use customer data to formulate sales tactics to be used in order to convert leads. A normal sales routine would be to use this data in order to connect better with customers. 

But a proactive salesperson would use this customer data to observe their pattern of browsing your business, then formulate sales tactics that are then communicated to the sales customer outreach team. Also, they segment customers on the basis of how they respond to your website and your offerings.

This overall helps them to communicate only those points of interest that customers showed interest in while he was browsing your website. As a result, you will make the sales process further and result in freezing the sales deals.

  1. Initiate Conversations With Your Customers/Prospects:

Proactive salespeople are not shy when it comes to initiating a conversation with their potential customers. Moreover, they do not fill their inboxes with sales spam that will irritate them.

Rather, they first identify what are the problems and needs of their customers. Then they see if their product can solve their problems. If it does, then they approach their customers through various official means of communication to tell them about their product and how it will be useful to them.

This shows that they are not afraid of reaching out to their potential customers rather than waiting for them to arrive first. Also, a proactive salesperson shows that he cares for their customers and already has a solution to their problems in the form of a product or a service.

Do remember to tell your customers how you came across them and the problem they are facing. Otherwise, they might think you have been keeping a tab on them that might make them feel uncomfortable from a privacy point of view.

6. Implement gamification techniques

Gamification is a popular technique to draw your customer’s attention towards your brand. It drives considerable customer engagement compared to static content and is quite useful for lead generation. The reason it works so well is because people love to unlock their competitive nature and hence willingly interact with your games and even leave their contacts details behind and ultimately even buy from you.

In order to gain maximum from gamification, ensure the prizes that you offer is of great value to your target audience, ideally a voucher or a discount coupon of your product really works well.

Following the above proactive sales techniques will ensure the conversion of sales leads. Having a proactive sales team is a must in today’s business world because the customers are always looking for a new way to address their problems and needs efficiently and at the ease of their comfort zone.


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