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Recently Dexter Capital advisors and Neodove had organized a webinar for fellow founders for scaling B2C ventures via telesales on 23rd July 7PM on Zoom. Mr Girish Batra – Founder of NetAmbit was the keynote speaker.

The entire article is based on the learnings shared by Mr Girish during the webinar

Today, our phone has become an integral part of our lives more than ever. Although, there has been various methods for lead generation yet Telesales continue to hold prominence.However, late telesales aren’t as high ROI generating as earlier. In fact today it takes nearly 8 calls to connect with customer and eventually land a sale However, compared to other forms of lead generation, telesales still win hands down due to the various advantages it has over others.

You need to be patient, persuasive, and persistent while executing your telesales process. Your ultimate aim is to build repeat business through excellent customer relations. Having good communication skills, phone skills, and sales experience plays a crucial role in telesales outcomes.

Is Telesales Right For You?

To answer this , you need to understand what is the cost of your customer acquisition base and whether you have that budget to cover that cost or not. As telesales will require you to have a well-defined budget because reaching out to customers online and through phone calls will require monetary investments.

Input management plays a crucial role as well. If your inputs such as reports and telesales representative training are right, then the outcomes will be great as well. Field sales can be a hectic task as it is complex and challenging and most importantly it involves a high execution cost.

But with telesales, everything becomes quite flexible and as a result, your input management is controlled and easy to manage and monitor. Also, when we talk about scaling, telesales is right for you because it enables you to have a large prospect reach as compared to the standard field sales approach.

You already have a customer data and you need someone to persistently convert those leads into sales without incurring any travel expense.

Telesales is being adopted in almost all types of businesses today. Since everything happens online and through a phone call, the company saves a lot of money on physical sales. 

One of the most advantageous dynamics of telesales is that you don’t need to have an elaborate office setup to carry it out. A co-working space is considerably the best choice for such operations as they minimize the investment required and yet deliver all the essential, comfortable and recreational services one would desire in a work space. One such co-working space that provides a seamless professional experience, is Instaoffice.

Different Models Of Telesales:

There are mainly four models that are largely used. The first one involves closing sales online which is an end-to-end sales process through the call center. 

The second one is performing high-quality lead generation at the telesales call center.

In the third model the telesales team works upon leads that have generated Inbound. Ensures closure of these leads through telesales

The fourth model is what is widely practiced. The telesales team qualifies the inbound ;eads and takes them further in the buyer journey. However, the closure is done by the Feet on Street.

Which model to choose would depend upon your product and competition.

Telesales Processes:

Your sales processes are ever changing as the business market is very dynamic. It depends on the market environment, opportunities, and the new challenges coming your way. A combination of these things makes you focus on restructuring your telesales process every time or once in a while.

It is very important to define your processes well and focus on constant process improvement. Do not assume that if your existing process is working well today, therefore it would do the same in the future.

It’s good to have a leader in your team who looks upon the constant changes taking place and formulate the sales process every time on the basis of the same. This will help you in understanding where you have been struggling and where to make corrections.

Top Training Tips For Your Telesales People To Make Them More Productive And Your Telesales Process More Efficient

  1. Implement A Phone Call Blueprint:

Implement a blueprint strategy to improve your outbound telesales productivity. Do not confuse a call blueprint with a script. A blueprint provides a call structure to your telesales agents with checkpoints along the route. 

Train your telesales agent to first complete pre-calling planning, then ensure that they have clear call objectives. The next step is to understand what they are selling and why the customer would have the need for the same. Motivate them to have a positive attitude.

  1. Teach Your Telesales Representatives To Use A Pull Communication Style:

The pull conversation style allows the advisor to lead the conversation and by asking questions such as “what is the best location for you?” or yes/no-style questions, your telesales people are not wasting time gathering unnecessary information from the customers.

Therefore, instead of using the push technique to present options to the customer and then waiting for them to come to a conclusion, your telesales people can gather information and make decisions based on customer priorities and their experience.

  1. Empower Your Telesales Team To Make Their Own Decision:

Allow your telesales team to make their own decisions that represent what the customer wants. This will help them to become more productive. Bringing in a pre-determined script can make the customer telesales interaction rigid and the proactiveness is lost.

Self-learning and  1-to-1 coaching will help the telesales team to find better solutions and in time boost productivity. Give them enough time to perform on their own. Trust them to make relevant calls and do not waste time arguing with them or counterfeit their decisions unless proven logically wrong.

  1. Concise Everything That Can Be Measured To An Incentive:

Telesales people are highly motivated towards their work if they get or are offered things that provide them with leisure. These things include some great incentives like shift preferences, vacation approvals, corporate parties, healthy monetary bonus rewards, and so on.

Also, if you have an incentive scheme, it becomes a great way to recognize your team’s hard work.

Five Steps/Process To Make Perfect Telesales Pitch

Telesales is a very straightforward process. The core of any sales call is the sales pitch. The tactics you use to deliver the perfect pitch depends on various factors and situations. Following are the top five steps to make perfect telesales pitch:

  1. Explain Why You Are Calling:

Do not pitch your product or service right in the beginning. Ask questions to your prospect that leads him to say a “yes”. Identify what they are looking for and then introduce yourself as the person who will solve their problems through your product or service.

As a telesales person, helping people save time, money, and make money is the best way to present your offerings to them. These are the three main basic things that a customer looks forward to doing. 

  1. Arrange A Meeting:

Once you hear a yes from your customer,plan out a meeting with them to explain your offerings in detail. However, if the customer is willing to hear it outright on the phone itself, then go ahead with the same. 

At this point, you are in charge of the conversation. If the customer wants to hear it out some other time, then make sure you book a slot and time which is convenient for them.

  1. Confirm All The Details:

Once you have decided how the meeting will take place. Revisit it again and confirm the same from starting so that it is clear for your prospect as well as you. Do your homework in between so that you can provide maximum information to your prospect during the meeting.

Also, provide him with your contact details in case he wishes to get in touch with you besides the officially planned meeting. Things like your contact number, organization name, email id are things he would expect you to share.

  1. Thanking Your Prospect For His Time:

Thank your prospect for showing interest in your offerings and wishing to move ahead with the same. Do not abruptly end the session once he agrees to buy your offerings. This will make you look very blunt and unethical.

Treat them like you care for them and ensure them to get in touch with them again. These things show the professionalism you carry and how concerned you really are about the customers.

    5.Objection Handling:

It is important to identify the objections that your telesales team face while interacting with customers. List them down and brainstorm on the probable ways to answer them best. This makes your telecalling team more confident and he comes across as a professional who has the best interest in mind when interacting with customers. The trust is easily built if the telesales team is able to handle objections well. Some of the correct ways for handling objections can be found here.

  1. Follow Up:

Send your prospect an e-mail or a letter confirming the meeting date. Also, include any marketing material that might be useful.

Defining Duties/Job Description For The Telesales People

The telesales job description is very clear. These are the following duties your telesales people need to perform as a telesales representative:

  1. Lead Generation:

It is their duty to contact potential customers by phone and inform them about the company’s products and services that the company is offering. Furthermore, they follow a script to qualify prospects ready to buy and those who may likely purchase their offerings.

  1. Direct Sales: 

They have to perform direct sales functions as well. They use the data of previous sales provided by the sales team and telemarketers to target customers for repeat business.

  1. Activity Reports:

Telesales agents need to create and update activity reports. The reports include the number of calls, leads, customers, sales, and other vital statistics that will help in increasing the sales revenue of the company.

Other duties of a telesales representative include conflict resolution, customer service, take and process orders, and meeting sales goals.

Skillsets To Consider While Hiring Telesales People

Your telesales people must possess the following skills in order to qualify for a job role as a telesales representative. They are the following:

  1. Experience In Sales:

The candidate must possess the skills required in sales. He needs to know how to use a sales script, finalize sales deals on the phone with the prospect, have good negotiation skills, and meet sales quotas.

  1. Communication:

The candidate should have excellent verbal and written communication skills. He should be able to connect with the customers the moment he begins his conversation. He must be confident and know what he is talking about without agitating or mixing words while speaking to his prospect.

  1. Interpersonal Skills:

The candidate must possess interpersonal skills. Selling on the phone requires patience, empathy, and persuasion. Only then will he be able to create a good rapport with his prospect he is speaking to. Also, these skills will help in getting customers again for repeat business.

  1. Other Skills:

Some other skills that the candidate must have are the knowledge of telephones and computer systems, cool disposition, and fast learning.


Today across the globe,major companies are using telesales as their primary activity for “selling/lead generation”. With a targeted approach, strong research and effective strategy telesales can surely help in not only increasing sales but also keep customer experience flying high.

To succeed all you need is the right mindset and technologically advanced tools like NeoDove that helps to take your telesales on autopilot.

About the Speaker- Mr Girish Batra is the founder and CEO of NetAmbit. NetAmbit helps businesses build a sustainable advantage by accelerating growth in high touch offline areas. Girish comes with more than 20 years of experience having started NetAmbit in the year 2000, with a vision to make financial services available to masses, Netambit has now evolved into a leading professional services company with many lines of businesses including real estate, financial services, sales processes and hiring & staffing services. Girish has been credited with scaling upto 4000 team members in telesales.

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