Cold Texting A Prospect: Best Tips 2020


We live in a digital era where reaching out to existing as well as new customers has become easy due to the presence of digital texting, calling, and so on. But we will discuss the cold texting and how to use the same to reach out to your prospects.

Many of us wonder if reaching out to prospect customers is better through sending emails or sending them text messages. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, customers tend to open 98% of text messages when compared to 22% of emails.

 Also, nine in 10 texts are read within the first three minutes from the time the message was delivered to the customer on WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on. Getting on the buyer’s radar is a big task. Also, sending texts and having live chats is an amazing medium to stay on top of the minds of your prospects. 

If you are planning to approach your prospects using the text process, then you need to know some of the best tips for cold texting a prospect. 

  1. Time Management Of Your Texts: 

It is important for you to manage the timing of sending the texts to your prospects. Suppose you are a salesperson and you receive a notification that a new prospect just downloaded an e-book. At this point, you need to understand that he showed interest in the e-book and would love further help and assistance. 

Therefore text that prospect on the cell phone number provided by him. However, if you feel that what if the customer does not respond back or if you feel you are being very direct while texting. Well, worry not. Text them and give them time to acknowledge it. If the prospect further wishes to text you back or call you, consider it a success. This also shows that you grasped their attention by sending them a text at the right time.

A text template can look like- 

“Hey James, let me know if I can answer any queries about the latest agronomic trends.” Also, remember to add your name and your designation after leaving your text. Now you do not have to do this after every text. But do it in the initial message so that your prospect knows who he is really talking to.

  1. Take Permission From The Prospects:

          You need to take permission from your prospect to text him as the chances of your prospect might react negatively if you text him without his consent and permission. Make your prospect comfortable. Give him an idea that you have been connecting with many other customers through texts. Tell him that they found it easy to communicate quickly over text rather than checking their emails. Also, establish a normal practice and portrait yourself as a salesperson who deals with numerous customers over texts.

If you do so then your prospect will feel he is in a comfortable space where he can have instant communication. Once he realizes this, he will encourage further business text conversations. A text template in such a case can look like- 

“ Would it be okay if I texted you? My customers tell me it’s faster and more convenient to confirm our meetings or get information over text than email.”

  1. The ‘Right’ And The ‘Wrong’ Text:

It is very important for you to understand which text is right and which one is wrong. Do not misuse your texting privilege. Furthermore, understand which text is right and professional for your prospect and which text is not worth sending. 

The right text is a text that shows you stick to the point and understand the prospect’s concerns. It can include asking them about any queries they may have regarding the product or service, answering their previous questions, providing them with resources and tools, and so on.

On the other hand, a wrong text includes asking constant whereabouts of the prospect, asking why he was not answering to you previously, marketing your products feature beyond its actual value, and trying to fool the prospects. All such are wrong texts that will create a bad impression of you in front of the prospect.

A text template for the right text can be- “ Greetings Jimmy, I am providing you with the software catalog as asked by you in our previous interaction. Feel free to reach out for any further assistance.’’

  1. Avoid Sending Annoying And Grammatical Error Texts:

You need to avoid sending SMSs to your prospects that might annoy them. Ensure you do not send texts that have grammatical mistakes in them. It will make you look casual and not being professional for the motive behind sending the texts.

Also, if you are sending a message on WhatsApp, Telegram, or so, then remember that a phone text is usually not more than 300 words. If it is more than the suggested word limit, your prospect will not make the effort to read it. So make sure you keep it below 300.

But if your text is more than 300 words and you cannot delete anything, in that case, you will have to send your message through an e-mail. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and see how many words does he prefer reading while having his WhatsApp on. Take a general point of view and draft your message accordingly.

Now that we have discussed some of the best tips for sending cold messages to your prospects. The next question is when should we send a text to the prospect.

Let us  take three scenarios when you can consider sending a text to your prospect.

1. Let’s say your business entered into a partnership with a new firm. So you need to take this news to your prospects as well. Text them and inform them. Moreover, tell them how this partnership can be useful for them.

An example of the same can be- “Hey Jimmy, we have partnered with Texting ABC Firm, a business-class texting platform, to bring you quick and confidential texting. Is this your best number to text?”


2. Let’s say you recently made an upgrade in your software. Now you need to communicate with your prospect and tell them about the new changes and upgrades you have made. Tell them, how this will be beneficial for them as well.

An example of the same can be- “Hey Justin, Charles from NeoDove, a contact centre communication platform.We have added a new texting platform as a quick and easy way to keep in touch with our customers.”


Besides this, send texts to your prospects to keep them updated about the changes taking place in the business market that comes in their interest so you build up your loyal customers .However, make sure you only do so when the prospect has allowed you to do so and is open to text communication. The business environment is dynamic, so whenever there are changes in the price, sales, availability of the products or services, you can text your prospect and let them know the same. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will master cold texting prospects.


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