Right now, your customers need you more than ever. At NeoDove, our top priority is you, and we’re working hard to improve the functionality across our product. We’re focused on making sure you have the right support during this new normal. 

Check out the latest product updates from us so you can continue to provide the best experience to your customers.


1.New integrations

We understand how important it is for you to get leads from different sources .At the same time, updating them manually is a herculean task and waste of productive man hours. At NeoDove we are ready with integrations to allow seamless flow of leads. We are rolling out  integrations with Google Sheet, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Just Dial, Crs24, India mart , 99 acres and likes. You just need to select the campaign and the URL of the google sheet and its done.

2. Create lead feature in the App

 Getting referrals from clients and writing them down manually to upload it in the portal? No longer. We have added the create lead feature in the app itself. Now your sales team can add leads  on the go.Just click on the add “+” button


3. SMS /Whatsapp selection in App

 Now your sales team can choose to send personalized SMS or whatsapp message to your customers

4. Multilingual Interface

Now the app has a multilingual interface. You can select the language of your choice- English or Hindi. Depending upon your choice, the entire interface changes into your preferred language. Going ahead , we are adding languages like Gujrati, Tamil, Punjabi,Telugu and many more.





















5. Scheduled leads feature

We  have created a label for scheduled leads. Your sales team  can immediately know, these leads have been spoken to earlier and can start from where it was left in the last discussion.

6.Populating remarks columns in scheduled leads

Now the remarks column automatically populates in case of scheduled leads to help you recall the conversation that you had earlier with the lead.


7. Inbound lead search option- 

Never miss any lead. You can now search any  incoming number to know whether its from the leads that are assigned to your campaign . 

We are coming out with some more exciting features. Stay tuned.. Stay updated.

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