Ways To Improve Sales During COVID Times?

The corona virus pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries around the world from manufacturing, insurance ,events management, and construction to the airline, retail, travel, and real estate industry. But it is times like these when brands should realize that they have an important role to play in making a difference. 

Selling and buying have always been human centric. Businesses buy solutions because they want to improve their performance and achieve their goals. And others happen to be experts in developing and selling them. But amid this crisis, we should act compassionately yet smartly, authentically yet strategically. 

And in that scope, the following are some strategies that any sales team can employ to improve sales during COVID times:

Reengineer your solutions to help during the crisis

Throughout this pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses will be facing many challenges, so salespeople can try tackling these challenges. And in that capacity, salespeople can tag along with the development team and explore new features and opportunities or rethink the benefits of the product they are offering from a different angle and use it to help suffering businesses improve their performance, productivity and maintain revenue.

For example remote working, a lot of companies are aggressively shifting towards encouraging people to work from home. So you can consider how transforming the key benefits of your product can help with making the virtual working experience business-friendly and based on that you create a sales pitch.  

Provide value

In the middle of all that negative news out there, we must maintain a positive mindset. Start with doing your homework. Then provide your prospects with actionable insights, new ideas, strategies and most importantly, you demonstrate how similar businesses have overcome current challenges while using your product. And in that sense, you provide  value addition.

Work smartly for Customer Retention

Keep in touch with your existing customers, show them your concern and serve them better and faster. Communicate proactively and help them identify solutions to possible threats. Monitor their usage and focus on customer feedback. And perhaps offer discounts because of the new market dynamics.

The best time to listen is now

We have to be very thoughtful regarding the situation around us, businesses are losing money and people are losing their jobs. But crisis creates needs, so listen carefully to what people have got to say, what their needs are and add it up to your service.

Maximize your digital existence

The online world creates many opportunities for different businesses so use it wisely. Boost up your digital existence and maintain exposure through content marketing and video marketing. Share helpful engagement posts to connect with your customers. Create dynamic and intuitive videos about your product. 

Embrace the right technology

Find the right technology that can help you be more organized, productive and that can share real-time insights. A technology that provides full transparency and control over the communication and leads management process with maximum efficiency. 

How you respond to everything during this tense time is what differentiates how you position your brand in comparison to others. So now no matter what happens, don’t panic and never stop selling. Acts like this are what helps you gain loyalty and improves the brand image  and most importantly  it is merely the right thing to do.

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